ApplenMicro, A Bright and Knowledgeable Mind Ready to Be the Next Best Employee


Oakland, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/06/2014 -- Great, hardworking employees are the most important assets of any organization. A good employee brings a wealth of gainful knowledge, experiences and skills to a firm which makes such a person an irreplaceable paragon for any firm. Recently a bright new mind has emerged in the world of business and is currently seeking an internship in one of the highly reputable, top companies in the United States where he can have the opportunity to implement his knowledge and experience to effectively participate in the development of the organization.

This potential employee has some of the most desirable qualities of a best employee; among them is the quality to think out of the box and doing things in a new and unique manner. A good example of this particular quality is the approach this person has taken to market himself and his knowledge and experiences in a distinctive and novel way, through a website and online marketing. Evidently, this person knows the importance of internet, online marketing, emerging market trends and technology in today’s life. 

Currently, he is a US citizen and has lived a major part of his life abroad in the middle-east, from there he graduated from the best university of the region and also had the fortune of working for one of the top 100 companies, at the present he is enrolled in one of the world’s top 100 E-Commerce programs in US from which he will be graduating in May 2014, and is seeking an internship to complete the degree which will hopefully lead to a fulltime career. is the place where potential employers can learn more about this bright mind and also view his resume. On the website this potential best employee shares his qualities:

“I have a great personality with great analytical and problem solving skills. I have done lots of projects always on time while utilizing available resources and I have been the team leader for most of them. I am also a strategic thinker and like to create new things and launch new businesses.”

Analytical and creative thinking, good problem solving skills and past experiences of  great success are qualities most top companies would like to take onboard. Another great quality of The Best Employee is that this person can speak more than one language, Arabic and English, making him a great selection for multi-national companies who look multilingual employees. He is also well versed in the Microsoft Office Suite computer skills. More importantly in the past he has made more than $55 million in net profits for one of his employers.

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