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Surabaya, Indonesia -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/02/2014 -- the software reviewing website offer a 15% Off Coupon that would allow their valuable readers to save money on their purchase of the popular smart phone and tablet monitoring and filtering software PhoneSheriff. Created especially with concerned parent and vigilant employers in mind the Phone Sheriff Software has received high praised from reviewers. The review states:

“PhoneSheriff is a great piece of parental monitoring software that allows you to filer smartphones and tablets for information. It’s a useful software if you suspect your children or employees are abusing specific privileges of texting, calling, and browsing. This application gives you the ability to learn all about those activities and even blocks them. It simply offers your protection and peace of mind with your work and personal environment at home.”

The software allows users to keep a watchful eye on the usage of smart devices and is simple enough to set up and use for people who aren’t tech savvy. The review educates readers that setting up the PhoneSheriff software require only three. After setting up the software PhoneSheriff enables users to police activities that have been recorded and rapidly uploaded to the admin account for users to observe. The filtering feature allows the users to block and filter Websites, Contacts and more which limits the access of the person using the phone or tablet. PhoneSheriff comes in handy in some others ways also because it allows the remote user to gain access to the device case of theft and the remote wiping feature allows remote users to preserve or wipe the phone data in case it has been stolen or lost.

The review enlightens readers about the software’s compatibility and the price they can expect to pay for the software.

“Compatibility wise the application supports the top smartphone platforms such as Blackberry, Android, iPhone and windows mobile. It simultaneously runs securely and stealthily in the background of the device. The app offers two plans for parental monitoring at $90 per year and employee monitoring and control at $300 a year. So the choice of license depends on your needs and requirements when it comes to your desired environment you’ll be implementing the software in.”

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