Seo Experts Release Review and 20% off Secret Coupon of Atomic Email Hunter Software


Surabaya, Indonesia -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/25/2014 -- Compiling an email list of potential clients is one of the hardest tasks in web marketing; it requires certain technical knowhow and skill that not all online marketers have. has recently reviewed a software that automatically extracts email addresses from websites and compiles them in to a list which marketers can use to their advantage, to compliment the release of their review of Atomic Email hunter, have also listed information about a 20% Off Secret Coupon which will allow their readers to get the Atomic Email Hunter software for a special price.

In the review the software has been praised for its ease of use and simple user interface that requires minimal technical knowledge from the user. The review states:

“The email extractor is very useful in a variety of situations be it compiling a full list of contacts or searching for specific details. If you’re looking, for example, to push your product to a mailing list of people but find it difficult because to do so requires that you obtain all of that info manually or even result to paying for it.” The reviewer adds that another benefit of using the Atomic Email Extractor is the time it saves for the web marketer, the reviewer augments: “With software like Atomic you can easily curate all this information on your own in a matter of minutes. All while focusing on your task at hand rather than the research and information gathering process.”

The in depth review also shares information with its readers about how the software actually functions and how users can operate it. The features and benefits listed in the review such as targeted search for emails using keywords, search for emails on a specified site, search for emails by keyword, search in a list and many more weight in the positive aspects of the software before the reviewer concludes that a software like Atomic Email Hunter is a great tool for business owners and wen marketer alike, reviewer concludes by saying:”

“Overall this is a great tool for marketers & businesses alike. Taking the tedious task of email information gathering and automating the process. This being a general search for contact information or more defined results Atomic has you covered”

The 20% off secret coupon for readers interested in buying the software after reading the review can be retrieved by clicking the buy link found on the review and then close the check out windows.

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