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London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/25/2016 -- It is convenient for anyone to know about the world's news at one place and aims to provide the same. It is a portal that has a number of tabs and according to the individual's interest; one can choose from amongst them and stay abreast of any events, happenings, etc.

Having the world at one's fingertips is quite common nowadays. Apart from online shopping, the one other thing that has become popular is online news. There are said to be quite a few people who still read the newspaper on a daily basis. Since it is easier to just open your laptops, mobile phones, etc and browse through the online newspapers, many people are opting for the same.

Though there are many options to such readers, claims to be different. It is said to describe the events in an accurate manner so that the readers get the correct picture of what has happened in a particular area. The spokesperson of the entity has assured that they take a lot of care to check the facts before uploading any information. Theirs is believed to be an unbiased online portal that reports the news as it happened without any frills.

The website says, "All our employees are experts in their respective fields. Be it the health, world, style or sports category, each of them is comprehensive and contains the current events in an easy manner. There is an option for the readers to contact individual team members and the details of the same are available on the site. We also invite interested people to submit their content that can be included in the news."

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The website claims that anyone who has a query can send an email to the below mentioned ID and can expect a reply in a short span of time. Apart from the 'Breaking News', there are past posts as well which can be perused by interested people. It is a fairly new entity. However, there have been several positive reviews from news readers across the globe.

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