Promises New Linguistic Software to Diagnose Alzheimer's Early

The founder is inviting support from people who can help expediting the process


Forli, Italy -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/10/2015 -- Founded by Antonio De Rinaldis, is a portal that aims to help people in detecting Alzheimer's at an early stage with the use of its free linguistic technology. This is said to be based on speech recognition technologies so that a pattern is established in people who are at the risk of getting affected by such conditions. Once any changes are detected in the pattern, the person can be tested for the disease at the onset.

It is said that an early diagnosis can help people deal with Alzheimer's more effectively. This gives a chance for the family members of the affected people to take the right steps so it does not progress fast and the life span is increased. The quality of their remaining time is also improved with the help of their handy tools that can be customized according to the individual disease trends.

Apart from Alzheimer's, there are many other neurodegenerative diseases that are believed to be benefited from their research. It is said to be highly useful in case of children. Using their technology, the speech impairments in such patients can be managed with the help of a number of easy methods. Detailed information about the same can be perused at as well.

The website says, "Offering a free tool that allows people to help their loved ones in dealing with certain dreaded diseases is what we aim to achieve. Antonio has had firsthand experience in dealing with late diagnosis of Alzheimer's with his grandfather and it is from this experience that he has decided to give something valuable to the future generation."

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The website claims that their software is still in the raw stage and requires a lot of help from programmers, experts in the medical field and sponsors. Once it is ready, they claim to make it free for all. Anyone can use it for their benefit and become more aware of the condition's onset. There is a short video on the home page which enlightens the whole project and is quite interesting.

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