's New Technology Detects Alzheimer's Disease Before the Usual Symptoms

Early diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases


Shenzhen, Guangdong -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/22/2015 -- Some of the early symptoms of neurodegenerative diseases are inaccuracy in speech and making mistakes in language. Most of the early symptoms go unnoticed as they are considered to be normal human errors. For example, a person may refer to an item with the class it belongs rather than referring to it by its name. If these types of errors are committed repeatedly by the person, the problem is serious and is only going to become bigger in the future if it is not attended to.

Neurodegenerative diseases now can be cured even before the symptoms show their effects. The company '' has come up with a new technology that can help people spend more time with their loved ones without forgetting the past. Forgetfulness is really devastating as it affects not only the life of the patient, but also the people closely associated with the patient.

The new software developed at "thedinosource" is like the present switchboard where the grammar of a language is already known. This same methodology is used in the case of people with neurodegenerative diseases. This method enables an early diagnosis of the neurodegenerative diseases by identifying the switches in a person's mind that would fail before others do. This method is carried out with utmost precision and a higher degree of frequency. There would be continuous monitoring, identification and tracking of the deterioration in brain through a close study of the linguistic switches.

This technology also enables to combat speech impairments. Generally identified in most of the children, speech impairments may be classified into three types: Articulation disorders, Disfluency and Voice disorders. Using the same principles and technology, the software helps the children complete their switchboard sooner. company latest technology software identifies the switches that have not been set up. The linguistic obstacles can be overcome through adaptive and educational games. The linguistic tool is designed to support both the child's short term and long term language development.

The company strongly believes that good health is a right and not a privilege. It shares all that has been developed out of the research with its patients free of cost. The company is engaged in an ongoing extensive research on learning about more diseases and how they can influence the brain and also look for remedies using the latest technologies. Company does not claim itself to be a substitute for doctors. The team at the company does not provide a formal diagnosis. However, it is equipped with the required tools that can assist both the patients and also the medical fraternity in better understanding the root cause of Alzheimer's disease and the effects it can have on a person.

About is for everyone who is or who would be in the future affected by Alzheimer's disease or speech language pathologies.

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