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Thedogtor.Net Lauded for Aiding Psychological Patients with Emotional Support Animals


Scottsdale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/25/2014 -- America has witnessed an astounding number of its citizens struggling with varied medical conditions. After much study by professionals, the American government has made it legal for such patients to have the right to have pet irrespective of the tenant rule not to keep pets. Individuals may live in a condo, an apartment building, college dormitory or a highly regulated neighborhood, but the law protects them so that they can keep a pet.

Unlike many decades ago, today pets are used to treat a wide variety of psychological conditions in patients across the world. Data shows that there are many patients in American who waste good money and time, visiting primary health care physicians hoping that they will be given the required paperwork, which will give them the legal right to keep pets. It has been estimated that those patients who hire the professional help of websites procure the certificate faster and spend less money. Web sites like assist patients to efficiently simplify the process so that patients will be able to obtain the Emotional Support Animal.

Recent statistics have confirmed that patients showed speedy recovery after keeping pets as opposed to other methods of treatment. Getting the medical certificate confirming the condition of the patient so that their right to pet animals is protected includes an intricate method of processing. The process has been made so in order to make sure that the right is not misused by people who are just trying to find ways to keep pets. It is reported that the site helps hundreds and thousands of patients by saving them from undergoing the tedious and intricate process to get the legal certificate without getting rejected. The site has been greatly appreciated for its practice of sieving through the applicants to make sure that they are working for only the genuine cases.

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At thedogtor, the professional team has a passion for animals and they help patients to get through their days and nights as comfortable as possible. The site has managed to spread awareness about the legal right of patients to have pets despite the policy of landlords.

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