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Thedogtoronline Lauded for Verifying Thousands of ESA Patients Through Simple Procedures


Scottsdale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/24/2015 -- One of the most popular developments in the field of psychology is the use of pets to treat those of the patients who are suffering from emotional or psychological disability. The Fair Housing Act and the Air Carrier Access Act allows individuals suffering from emotional or psychological disability to overturn the no pet policy anywhere.

The only criteria for them is to get a documentation letter from a certified medical practitioner like that of a psychologist, a therapist, etc. the web site which is called by the name of thedogtoronline has succeeded in simplifying the entire process for the individuals suffering from their emotional or mood disorders. With the simplified process of the web site, one can obtain their Emotional Support Animal paperwork in the comfort of their own home through the internet.

It has been sadly noted that not many of the professional psychologists and therapist are aware of the Emotional Support Animal policy. This has made the entire process tedious for many individuals because either their therapists do not believe in it or are not aware of this legal right that is entitled to the rightful patients. There are also many psychological therapy offices that are not set up with the proper system of patient verification to be able to accommodate the everyday needs as that of an ESA owner.

In order not to put the already suffering patients through any more stress, thedogtoronline has set up a new technique whereby patients can take a simple exam and get the necessary verification. By connecting to a certified doctor, the web site will offer quick prescription to an Emotional Support Animal who needs it. Over the years, statistics show that over thousands of patients have been verified from this reliable web site, allowing them the much needed treatment that they deserve.

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Thedogtoronline has made it their mission to increase the awareness about the Fair Housing Act. It also qualifies as many deserving individuals as possible to own an emotional support animal in their home.

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