Has Launched a Social Platform for Humanitarian Cause

A Social Network Built Around Philanthropy


Koh Samui, Thailand -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/06/2012 -- The power of one is the power to spread love to a million people from a single heart. Be that heart , be that one. Spread love to all those around you. Change the world. Push the human race forward . See things differently. While Some can thing you are crazy , other will see genuis. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world , are the ones who do. Welcome to

Help us save the world! Our new social network, is dedicated to helping people in need. Every time someone “digs it”, 1 cent is donated to a child in need or individuals seeking financial assistance, as well as the fighting conquest to cure cancer and much more. This new concept in social networking is taking the steps necessary to help people around the globe, everywhere and anywhere. contacts big cooperate brands to help donate to these people in need and for every donation they provide, they will receive likes on their Facebook page. YOU are responsible for the “Dig It” button, which in turn is “like”, so YOU decide how many cents to donate!

Here’s an example: lets say Coca Cola has decided to donate 1000 Digs to the fight against cancer, their donation will be shown on the homepage of and each “Dig It” that WE provide, will donate 1 cent to the fight against cancer foundation. The beauty of it all is that right in front of our eyes, we see the money go live to the charity organization. YOU have the power in your hands to change and save the world. YOU decide if to help these desperate causes by simply one click. Sign up to and be the first to make a difference!