Publishes the Top 100 Things to Do Before You Die, Offers Easy to Follow Health Tips


Philadephia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/18/2013 --, a recently launched website that is dedicated in providing various articles that promote a healthy lifestyle, has published an interesting article titled ‘The Top 100 Things to Do Before You Die’ in their inspiration column. The site has already received immense praise from its new followers for providing insightful and easy to follow health tips.

With the tagline ‘A magazine for healthy, Mind, Body & Soul’, the website intends to do just that by providing numerous articles and tips for healthy food, life & relationships, pregnancy & parenting and a special column of inspiration which features interesting articles like the latest Bucket List - 100 Things To Do Before You Die.

Serenade someone, develop a signature dish, raise money for a cause, learn your family’s history, master one fear, learn to juggle, ride in a hot air balloon are some activities mentioned in the article, which has also introduced exciting events in various destinations around the world. The ‘Things to Do’ are aimed at broadening the experiences of an individual such that they not only feel better because of their achievements but also have a better understanding of their environment.

Such inspirational content is available in plentiful on the website which has previously published articles like ‘101 Inspirational Quotes To Live By’, ‘Most Inspirational Songs Of All Time’, ‘Top Motivational Quotes For Athletes’ and many more.

The health section of the website has offered similar innovative articles which offer solutions to common health ailments. For example their article on ‘Ten Simple Ways to Get Rid of Bloating’ is liked by many of its visitors who have stated that the natural home remedies mentioned in the article were previously unknown to them. The ease of switching to a healthier lifestyle with help of tips like these has been commended by the site’s followers.

Despite its recent launch, has already made a statement via their unique content that they are determined to offer tips that are both effective and fresh.

About is one of the leading websites that provides numerous insightful articles for a healthy mind, body & soul. The site publishes various tips for healthy food, life & relationships, pregnancy & parenting and offers inspirational content such as songs, quotes and activities. Through the online platform,, individuals can view these articles. The public can also follow their latest publications via their Twitter account.

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