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Theholyc and Ft. Luvaboy TJ Release Their New Music Track


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/15/2014 -- Theholyc is one of her kind and has her own unique style of music and performance. As per Triple J Theholyc is “Leading UK multi-talented charmer… doubles up as student by day and DJ by night”. She is also famous as a Dundee DJ who has an international reputation. She can play a collection of dubstep, electro, fidget house, bassline, drum ‘n’ bass and many more. However, Theholyc’s journey has rather been a difficult one with lots of challenges coming her way towards her path to success. This female white Scottish rapper was linked to Kreayshawn, a white LA rapper. Theholyc is openly gay which is not otherwise accepted in the Hip Hop or Rap world.

Theholyc overcomes her challenges with her own willpower and great support from the industry people and Le 1f who is also an openly gay black male rapper who is known to have broken down all the barriers in the Rapgame and performed his single “Wut” on Letterman’s show. Theholyc has released her latest music track video which features Luvaboy TJ. The track is known as “Wilding, Buggin, Trippin”. This is her debut video track and this combination is definitely going to be great with Luvaboy TJ. The video is also officially released on Theholyc’s VEVO video and is also available on YouTube as mentioned in the link below.

The track is available as freemusic on various sources. Fans can also catch Theholyc on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The official website of Theholyc also features this video and others as well such as Get Dat Thot Juice produced by Jay Diggy. Fans can catch the music videos on as well. Theholyc is one of the top emerging artists this year and is going to achieve great success for being the most genuine hip hop artists and she is definitely a true inspiration to many female rappers across the world.

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