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TheiPhone4sJailbreaker.com Recommends New Service to Jailbreak iPhone 4 and 4s Devices


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/02/2014 -- TheiPhone4sJailbreaker.com, the premier online resource dedicated to providing the latest news, reviews and information to help people jailbreak iPhone 4 and 4s devices, is pleased to announce the addition of iJailbreak Pro to the list of products featured on the website.

According to TheiPhone4sJailbreaker.com, iJailbreak Pro has earned the highest rating among all jailbreaking solutions. iJailbreak Pro is recognized for their commitment to outstanding customer service, which they provide free of charge to all their clients, and they feature a full money-back guarantee with each purchase. iJailbreak Pro takes pride in offering their customers a hassle-free way to jailbreak their iPhones without having to worry about damaging the expensive hardware and valuable data inside. Download and installation of iJailbreak Pro is quick and easy, allowing people to use their updated phones in less than ten minutes.

For anyone who is not familiar with the concept, jailbreaking an iPhone entails installing software that allows people to bypass their service provider so they can customize the appearance of their device and install apps and programs that they ordinarily would not be able to access. The software gives people the freedom to download and use programs from third-party developers, opening them up to a world of possibilities from across the internet.

Advantages of jailbreaking an iPhone 4 or 4s include the ability to rename and reorganize applications, change the default browser or mail app, benefit from unlimited tethering, customize how iOS looks, make more and better use of Siri, play old games, add extra security, use GoogleNow, possess multiple accounts, and much more.

When jailbreaking an iPhone, it is important to hire a professional service like iJailbreak Pro, because while it is possible to perform the process independently, this can be a risky undertaking that could result in damages that cost a great deal of money to fix, or even worse, turn the iPhone into a “brick” that cannot be repaired.

Anyone who is considering jailbreaking an iPhone is encouraged to visit TheiPhone4sJailbreaker.com, which features numerous informative articles about the advantages and new possibilities that arise from this service, as well as tips and advice about how to maximize the capabilities of iPhones without risk.

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