Joe Bragg Releases New Series of Relationship Advice Articles and Dating Tips


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/21/2013 -- Many men have tried to figure out women, and many men have failed. That’s why the internet is filled with helpful articles that attempt to decode women for men. After a breakup, divorce, or complicated encounter with a woman, men turn to these sites to discover what they did wrong and how they can do better next time. is one website that has been getting a lot of attention for helping men understand women. The Modern Man features a wide range of helpful articles about dealing with women. The website is updated on a daily basis, which means men can learn something new every day by bookmarking the website and checking back frequently.

The website recently released a new series of articles that cover dealing with breakups and divorces. The first article, which discusses how to deal with a breakup after being dumped, can be found at In that article, the writer tells readers helpful tips about dealing with their ex, dealing with new women, and moving on in life
A similar article discusses how men should deal with divorces and break-ups after lengthy relationships. That article, found at, instructs men how to re-enter the dating world after a lengthy time away from the scene. The article also discusses a few tips on how to win back an ex-wife or ex-girlfriend, tips which will be very useful for those who just can’t let go of someone they love.

Another piece of editorial content simply deals with talking to women. That may seem like a simple topic, but it’s not. Over the course of thousands of words of text, the author (found at explains the common mistakes most men make when talking to women. There are also sample conversational techniques and tips on how to make conversations more interesting for everyone involved.

Along with the three new articles that were recently released onto, visitors will also find a plethora of editorial content that cover dating, sex, social lives, and more.

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