Joe Bragg Releases Rankings for the World's Top 10 Best Natural Shampoos


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/29/2013 -- Today’s shampoos are filled with artificial ingredients and chemicals. Many of these chemicals promise to make human hair healthier. Unfortunately, not all of these chemicals live up to that promise, which is why many people choose to only purchase natural shampoos.

A shampoo review website called aims to be the first place people visit when searching for information about any natural shampoo. is a shampoo review and comparison website that explains the advantages of natural shampoo while also recommending specific shampoo products for different types of hair.

At the homepage, visitors will find a comparison chart which ranks the top natural shampoo products according to a number of different qualities, including:

-Customer rating
-Hair type
-Number of reviews

Visitors can click on any of these qualities to interact with the chart. After clicking on a particular quality, the chart will sort through shampoos high-to-low or low-to-high based on that quality.

Today, the chart features ten different shampoos. These shampoos have been chosen based on their overall customer rating. Although not ranked in order, the shampoos have been collectively chosen as the top ten best natural shampoos in the world.

However, as a spokesperson for explains, the site does more than just recommend natural shampoos to visitors. It also explains the differences between natural shampoos and artificial shampoos – and the potentially dangerous chemicals included in the latter:

“Today, both natural and artificial shampoos contain ingredients called surfactants. Surfactants are required in order to clean polluted material – like hair. However, the surfactants in natural shampoos are made from natural substances, like seeds, coconuts, and herbs. In artificial shampoos, the surfactants are made using potentially harmful chemicals. These chemicals can lead to hair loss and dead skin, among other problems.”

The natural shampoos listed at claim to make hair as smooth, healthy, and natural as possible. Instead of rubbing chemicals into their scalp every day, natural shampoo users can enjoy the feeling of natural ingredients.

Better yet, natural shampoos generally don’t cost much more than artificial shampoos:

“With other products, using the terms ‘organic’ and ‘natural’ is an easy way to justify a double digit price increase. With natural shampoos, we find that the price points tend to be much closer together, making even the best natural shampoo an affordable option for all budget levels.”

Those searching for natural shampoo for any type of hair or price range can visit today for more information.

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