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Tarrytown, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/29/2014 -- is a website that features mattress reviews to help its readers find the best sleep they can. Recently the website published a review of the Keetsa Eco-Friendly Mattresses. This particular make of mattresses uses organically grown materials which reduces the usage of materials which have chemicals like petrochemicals and volatile organic compounds. Keetsa is a well-known brand of mattresses that is known to create high quality sleep products for low prices. Eco-Friendly Mattress Buying Guide lists down 8 of the most important things to factor when choosing an eco- friendly mattress.

The first suggestion on their list states: “If you are planning to buy a latex mattress, it should have at least 97% of natural rubber which is tapped from trees.” The article explains that all Keetsa Eco-friendly mattresses use a unique combination of untreated cotton, green tea extract, bamboo and cedar oil, this unique mix of materials gives Keetsa Eco-friendly mattresses its signature fragrance. The buying guide further explains that an eco-friendly mattress is also biodegradable; therefore it is important for buyers to make sure that their product is truly eco-friendly at the time of purchase by asking the salesperson. The verify that Keetsa products are not 100 percent organic, the brand’s mission is to deliver comfortable mattresses in an eco-friendly way. Durability and affordability are on their priority list. The website also claims that Keetsa mattresses have less manufacturing waste, more environmentally healthy ingredients, slimmer shipping, clean mattress, no harmful gases and amazing durability.

It is also important to remember that buying an eco friendly mattress does not mean that buyers will have to compromise on the comfort and durability of the mattress. Keetsa mattresses are known to be comfortable because the top foam layer molds as per the body but does not let the body cave in. informs that the Keetsa mattresses’ are also durable because they can stand any amount of pressure. People who wish to buy innerspring mattresses but would like to keep them as eco-friendly as possible should look for beds that use recycled steel for springs and coils. Finally the guide warns buyers about sellers who cheat people out of their money in the name of eco-friendly products, buying from a reputable source are the best way to avoid such fraud.

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