TheoryCenter Publishes Temporary Driving License Help for International Visitors to Holland

TheoryCenter helps people in the Netherlands secure their driving licenses, and are now helping international drivers secure a temporary license for their stay with new guidance.


Zwanenburg, NH -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/01/2014 -- In the Netherlands, the theory exams for drivers’ licenses are getting harder and harder to pass. The latest figures suggest only 32% of candidates passing first time, and there is a strong suggestion that this is to drive up test fees. Often, questions asked in the tests are not in the books published to help people pass. Theory.Center (Theoriecursus) is a website that helps people get access to these hidden questions as well as standard questions, providing crash courses and pre-study online to help people pass their exams. The site is now even helping international drivers pass their applications for a temporary license.

The new service aims to help people from international origin by providing English language resources and tests so that international travelers and emigrants can successfully apply for a temporary driving license without having to apply time and again and pass through trial and error.

The system is based on the same one that has proven so successful for their native Dutch clients, which include one day courses (1 dag cursus) for motorbikes, scooters, cars and online study courses for the theory test, all aimed at preparing people for the reality of the day.

A spokesperson for TheoryCenter explained, “We have created the new English language courses to help immigrants to the Netherlands successfully apply for and pass their drivers’ license examinations. These examinations are not just to ascertain competency and understanding, as they would be in most countries, but are too often treated as stealth tax or hidden revenue stream for the governmental bodies that run them. We help people be prepared for what they’ll really be asked to do so they can meet and exceed expectations on the day. As such, we have a far higher pass rate than the national average.”

About TheoryCenter
TheoryCenter offer Dutch people the opportunity to excel in their driving theory test in the face of rising failure rates, and are now also helping English speaking people who come to Holland to work or emigrate successfully apply for and receive their temporary license or even pass a Dutch driving test, with lessons and exams in English. For more information please visit: