International Pothole Registry Declares Chicago Pothole Capital of the World Offers Pothole Products to Eager Enthusiasts

Is Chicago the pothole capital of the world? Yes, according to the International Pothole Registry and they have a store offering the gift of the crumbling asphalt of Chicago to prove it.


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/05/2014 -- Potholes. Who would have thought there could be an International Pothole Registry, a world-class Pothole Store supplying pothole fans with quirky authentic asphalt items for their enjoyment and even cross border controversy on who holds the title of “Pothole Capital of the World”? All these things are true, largely thanks to Dave Stern of the Pothole Store's vision... and some might even say obsession!

“Our mission statement has always been simple: To provide the highest quality 100% Authentic Chicago pothole products at the lowest prices,” commented Stern. “These fourteen simple words have guided us from day one. These fourteen words have demanded that we only use the ripest and freshest crumbling asphalt from around Chicagoland. These fourteen words have been our template throughout our tireless dedication. These fourteen words have made us the largest purveyor of 100% authentic Chicago pothole products in the world. Repeat…The World!”

Stern provides a unique service that is sure to get many Chicago lovers, native or not, excited. The chance to have a pothole named after themselves or a loved one. Now it may not be a star in Hollywood, or a crater on the moon, certainly, but it does come with a semi-official certificate, it's only $6.99 and what better way to get a laugh?

Some other things Stern's Pothole Store offer include Pothole Earrings, Necklaces, Quarter Bags of “Pot”hole and the ever popular Chicago Pothole Snow Globe. To name a few. There's a pothole gift for just about anyone big, small or in between.

This success hasn't been without controversy.

Taking exception to Chicago's claim to international pothole supremacy is the French Canadian city of Montreal. It seems Montreal has politely disagreed with any city in the world being able to stand pothole for pothole with them and has expressed this displeasure in the Journal De Montreal. No word yet on how this global debate will be settled.

Stern also insists that The Pothole Store has no political agenda. “I think Rahm Emanuel and the city are doing a great job filling the crazy amount of potholes. In fact, I’m getting worried that my manufacturing base will disappear.”

Americans, however, are quite passionate about their endorsement of Chicago's place at the top of the international pothole pyramid. Along with their passion for Chicago's Pothole store that provides fresh Pot when and where they need it.

Emily P., a writer from Boston recently said, “I wonder if those Canadians have ever even been to Chicago! I love my city, but frankly it can't stand up pothole for pothole with Chicago and neither can Montreal. After my last trip to the Windy City I had no choice, but to order some Potholepourri from the Pothole Store for my mantle place so I can remember the adventure forever. Chicago potholes are second to none!”

Some are calling for a referendum on the subject, but none of the key players have offered further comment.

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Located in Chicago, The Pothole Store is largest purveyor of 100% authentic Chicago pothole products in the world. Products are shipped worldwide via our e-commerce site.