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Therapeutic Massage & Nutrition Center Expands Services to Include Nutrition Response Testing


Wichita, KS -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/17/2018 -- Licensed Massage Therapist, Eleanor Pauls, announced that the Therapeutic Massage & Nutritional Center has expanded its available space and is now providing Nutrition Response Testing®. The new testing joins services that include nutrition counseling and education, massage therapy treatment and postural restoration.

"Our new, larger office allows us to incorporate a more comprehensive approach to promoting optimal health and wellness in the lives of our clients," said Pauls. "One of the new services we are able to offer is Nutrition Response Testing®. This is a non-invasive system of analyzing the body in order to determine the underlying nutritional causes of ill health. Based on the results, adjustments can be made through safe, natural, nutritional means so the body can repair itself."

Extremely precise and based on the best scientific knowledge, Nutrition Response Testing® is able to identify organs, tissues and body functions that aren't working optimally and to indicate what actions are affecting those systems. Elements ranging from stress and poor diet to lack of sleep can all have an impact on the body and affect overall health.

The Therapeutic Massage and Nutritional Center specializes in more than 10 different types of massage therapy for infants, adults and pregnant women that address specific conditions. Techniques are available to treat muscular and neurological dysfunction, while postural restoration therapy helps the body attain optimal alignment, eliminates postural imbalances and adaptations, and improves functionality.

Processed foods and poor eating habits have left many people overweight and deficient in the essential vitamins and minerals need to maintain health. The Center offers a comprehensive Natural Health Improvement Plan that can be utilized in conjunction with Nutrition Response Testing® to create a personalized nutritional supplement schedule. Depending upon the findings of the testing, modifications can be recommended to diet, eating habits and lifestyle.

The expanded office space provides the Therapeutic Massage and Nutritional Center with new and unique opportunities to offer clients an increased variety of services, the first of which is Nutrition Response Testing®. Multiple types of massage therapy treatment offer an effective method for health and healing, whether clients are experiencing new symptoms or residual pain from prior injuries or chronic conditions.

About Therapeutic Massage & Nutritional Center
Located at 2456 N. Woodlawn, Suite 1A in Wichita, KS, the Therapeutic Massage & Nutritional Center provides Nutrition Response Testing®, nutrition counseling and education, massage therapy treatment, postural restoration, and therapeutic exercise that aids in keeping clients healthy and mobile.

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