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There Is a New Site for Pressure Washing Pearland


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/04/2014 -- Pressure Washing Pearland just had a brand new website professionally designed and it is now up on the web. The new website keeps with the same color theme that Pressure Washing Pearland has used since 2008: black, white and gray. The new site opens with the logo - a man with a power washing wand, professional eye protection, a hard hat, reflective work vest and work gloves - all in front of the flag.

The decision was finally made to get a new website designed to a large extent because they are one of only a very few commercial power washing contractors in Pearland.

The company is still offering residential house washing, window cleaning and no pressure roof washing in Pearland and Manvel.

“I'm not quite sure why I have waited for so long to have a new website designed,” said Daniel Simmons, owner of Pressure Washing Pearland. "Google gets to make a lot of rules and I always try my best to follow them so I can rank well in the search engines. As those rules change over time - it is important that websites change along with them," added Simmons.

It was extremely important that the new site display the high level of quality and safety that helps to separate Pressure Washing Pearland from other exterior cleaning services in the area.

“Many so called pressure washers in this area are little more than an unemployed young person looking for what seems to be an easy way to generate some income. While I genuinely encourage the courage of the these guys - it is something that people need to be made aware of," said Simmons.

Pressure Washing Pearland also offers spot free window cleaning in Pearland.

Simmons entered the exterior cleaning industry in 2005 - specializing mostly in driveway pressure washing in Manvel and Pearland.

"I think that that rebuilding the website will help differentiate Pressure Washing Pearland from all the less professional exterior cleaning services in Pearland and Manvel," Simmons added.

Pressure Washing Pearland also performs soft house washing for surfaces like stucco and siding.

Lower pressure is always going to be safer for the operator as well as for the home since it won't damage the surfaces in the way that higher pressures can. Low pressure washing will also do a much better job than blasting the surface with water.

For home owners and business owners in and around the Pearland area there are several ways to contact Pressure Washing Pearland. Contact Daniel by phone at 832-232-4429; email him at or visit the website at