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There Is No Spot Where God Is Not! Hailed as "Dr. Seuss Marrying Beatrix Potter", Whimsical New Children's Book Captures Truth of God's Omnipresence

Masterfully crafted by Fawn Parish and illustrated by Shari Burnett, ‘There Is No Spot Where God Is Not!’ fuses a memorable rhyme with bold truths about God and his love. Just released, the book is being purchased in large quantities by churches, and loving relatives and is garnering rave reviews from coast to coast.


Camarillo, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/09/2014 -- While many existing children’s books achieve their goals in educating children about God, depictions of his omnipresence have become “mustified, codified and robbed of imagination”. These are the words of author Fawn Parish, whose latest release captures God’s omnipresence with the light-heartedness and whimsy that Jesus himself used in his teachings.

‘There Is No Spot Where God Is Not!’ wasn’t compiled with haste. Diligently written and stunningly illustrated, the book was purposely designed to become a family treasure; an ageless legacy of faith to be passed through generations.


Picture Dr. Seuss marrying Beatrix Potter and creating a classic children's book featuring animals in unexpected predicaments.

This delightful full color 36 page children's book will soothe your child with the comforting phrase There Is No Spot Where God Is Not! Get ready for smile wrinkles. Pick up one for your child, grandchild, a child going through a difficult time, your local library, or a pediatrician's office. Not destined to languish on bookshelves, this book will be passed down through generations. Get your first edition today.

“I can’t begin to describe the level of delight I’ve seen as people pick up this book,” says Parish, who collaborated with illustrator, Shari Burnett to create the book’s captivating illustrations. “Loving relatives are buying from four to ten at a time, it's being read in churches for the Pastor's Children Sermon, being translated into Russian and even finding its way into the vocabulary of a young 6 year old in Israel, who when asked if she had pets said "No our house is too small. But ... There Is No Spot Where God Is Not!””

Continuing, “It’s only thirty-six pages in length, so it makes the perfect meaningful gift for family members to give. It’s a short cuddle read before bedtime.” Melding the unexpected with the truth, it’s fear busting, and fun all at once. Since its release, the book has garnered a string of rave reviews.

“I enjoyed the book so much, I wanted others to hear it, so I excitedly read the book to a group of children, teens and adults at a, not so typical place, a restaurant. ALL who listened were captivated by the colorful pages and were creatively drawn into the amazing truth that God is everywhere. They immediately began to ask, 'How can I get one?'” says Adelita Garza.

Margarita La Rue says “Just as fun and catchy as Dr. Seuss but it's true! Stick-in-your-head rhymes expressing solid Biblical truth that kids can hold on to when this world becomes a shaky place. A definite fear-buster It's one of those ageless books that captivates anyone from one to ninety-one.”

“This book is brilliant. Every grandparent should purchase multiple copies for their grandchildren at the earliest possible convenience.. There should be no spot where this book is not!” observes Lynne Farrow

Rex Holt was equally as impressed, adding, “I want the depth of the meaning of "There Is No Spot Where God Is Not" to be assimilated into the hearts of our 5 grandchildren, but also into the hearts of our children who will be reading to them. I foresee that over and over, when life's challenges arrive, there will always be the reminder of this precious truth.”

‘There Is No Spot Where God Is Not!’ is available now: http://www.thereisnospot.com and on Amazon.

For more information and to view the official one minute video trailer, visit: http://www.thereisnospot.com.

About the Author: Fawn Parish
Fawn Parish is a bridge builder, creative catalyst, people developer, deeply and joyfully involved in embracing, encouraging, and educating emerging leaders.

Fawn is the author of the new children's book There Is No Spot Where God Is Not! - A Dr. Seusish, Beatrix Potterish, child's rhyme of animals in unexpected predicaments. http://www.thereisnospot.com

The Parish's founded the International School of Reconciliation Studies, http://www.reconcile.org a self paced, web-based school, featuring reconciler's around the world seeking to heal the wounds of society in Biblical ways.

Fawn & Joey also created bridgemaker.tv, (stories that just might change your life). People from over 53 nations have watched bridgemaker.tv