There's a New Sheriff in PsychicTown

A New Psychic Group Online You Can Actually Trust to Tell You What You Need to Know


Scottsdale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/22/2012 -- A new group of Psychics, Astrologers & Numerologists is turning the Internet upside down by actually telling people what they need to know. Many people consider them to be some of the BEST readers on the Net. The greatest difference is that Ecumenist, the CEO & owner, makes sure EACH psychic, astrologer or numerologist is RIGOROUSLY tested and screened to make certain they are not only accurate but honest, understandable and compassionate. This is in sharp contrast to most Internet psychics who specialize in telling people only good news and positive things, ie, what they want to hear.

"We may not tell you what you WANT to hear but we'll tell you what you NEED to know,” said Ecumenist. “It’s our task to give our clients the real deal, not some candy coated fairytales and sugarplum dreams, Whether the reading is via tarot, runes, astrology or Clairvoyance.

However, if the reading is less than positive, we give the client the means to change, mitigate or COMPLETELY avoid the situation facing them. It's our mission to help people make their own decisions based on what we "see" in the reading."

The results so far have been FAR better than expected, she said. Most people, even when presented with less than positive news, are able to take it when combined with the guidance and advice of these acclaimed psychic intuitives.

“I think what they like is they know what could possibly happen if they don't make changes. Not that it is definite. Knowing what could happen ahead of time allows the clients to make changes now to prevent an unpleasant outcome.” she said. “Any change in the present CLEARLY affects the future. We just help you plot your course. Think of us as a GPS, if you will, helping you navigate the obstacles and blocks that life throws at you.”

Many clients have been so impressed they took the time to send a message afterward. Here's a just a few:

"Honest, caring, direct AND a great sense of humor! If you want the real thing, call Ecumenist - she’s the one!" Ellen Hartwell.

"Thank you for the reading. You were accurate about the person being involved with the younger person. I thought they had split in December but they must have resumed." CRLon7.

"Helpful, Professional, Friendly. Lots of insight and advice on how to proceed and what to expect. I would call again for future concerns. They're my 'Go-To' folks whenever I need to get REAL information I can get no other way. Recommended to all others!" RhapsodyinBlue.

"Incredibly gifted reader! Almost Scarily Accurate! lol.Explained what she saw and heard in a very descriptive way which confirmed the past situation and gave me the means to make the choices I need to make, which turned out to be EXACTLY correct" Blugirl Ecumenist said that these are the comments the readers gets are the type that many other Psychic reading Services pray for but don’t. Because tells only what they see AND gives the client the tools to make the correct decisions for themselves, their clients keep coming back, over and over again. Reality served with compassion is a powerful motivator" Ecumenist said. AskMyPsychics is opening on HALLOWEEN and will not only be giving readings @ 1.00 per minute discount but prizes and more!

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