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There's More to Digital Prints Than Just Clarity and Aesthetics, There's Also the So-Called "Depth"

Black and white, grayscale, sepia, colored, digital, 3D (three dimensional) printing, indeed photography has gone a long way. Each photo depicts a unique story behind it. A person may appreciate aged photos and prints perhaps because of its clarity, the beauty of it and maybe seen the depth of it. With the dominance of 3D and digital printing in the industry, are photos all about clarity and aesthetics, neglecting the depth of it?


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/11/2014 -- Has digital photography taken the ‘real skills’ out of photography? No. This is a misleading mindset, but it has made it more difficult for many people to know why they are taking photos and what they want to achieve. Having a camera phone or a digital camera handy and editing tools that can be installed basically on any gadgets or can be accessed online, does this made photography available for everybody? Partly yes, though photographs have a different kind of vibe when taken and processed by a professional.

3D and digital printing aim to enhance the images’ quality, give the images more vividness, enhance the quality of it, and give it a little more life. A picture is worth a thousand words, and photographers, media outlets and framing and printing companies add more twists to these images so that it can perceived in thousand different ways, adding depth to it. Take note that “depth” is not confined in a single definition, this may be defined in various ways –every person has different perception.

Any feeling of ‘depth’ is as much based on the artist’s or photographer’s interpretation/creation/ editing of the image (tonal ranges, depth of blacks, local contrast enhancement etc) as it is on paper/printer properties (dmax, ink color, lighting levels, lighting type, angles of lighting, paper colour, paper finish type, surface texture, surface gloss, ink gloss, physical depth of ink). Though at some instances their clients have a say on how their image should appear and incorporate their inputs on the creation of the artwork.

An artist’s or photographer’s research and technical background influences things, when it comes down to depth though, the best prints of these experts have a strong emotional impact, so are seen by most people based on image content rather than process/materials. Even if the lines of the images are not that fine or clean as long as it is properly presented and convey the message and with a proper framing each piece will never lose its appeal. These images are still worth the money and deserve to be appreciated.

About 567 Framing
567 Framing (former name: Spectrum Framing) has been providing its clients with high quality frames at competitive prices. They offer custom framing for paintings, photos, fine art prints, mirrors, posters, etc. Their services include custom framing, custom matting, dry mounting, canvas stretching and professional framing consultation.

Their staffs are consisted of highly-educated artists and designers, with extensive knowledge of fine art, crafts and materials. Their staffs will suggest the best ways to protect and enhance the aesthetics of their clients’ artworks.

They now offer also offer printing service as well.