Kitchen Knight to the Rescue in Fight Against Dramatic Rise in Seasonal Food Borne Illnesses.


San Clemente, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/11/2013 -- Select Designs, a brand development agency specialising in bringing the latest products to market - one of which is the Kitchen knight thermometer - has today announced a special Thanksgiving incentive for their customers in the run up to the holiday.

Christy Holmes, head of consumer services explains, "Food borne illnesses around this time of year see a huge rise, largely due to people under cooking their various meat dishes. Invariably during this particular holiday, this means undercooked turkey, chicken and to a lesser extent pork dishes."

Statistics from The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) clearly denote a sharp increase in the incidences of food poisoning around the Thanksgiving holiday, with hundreds of people each year hospitalized as a direct result of under cooking their seasonal dishes.

Christy continues, "To help ensure that people are cooking their food properly, and are able to enjoy the holiday with their friends and family as they should, Select Designs is offering a 60% discount on our popular Kitchen Knight meat thermometer."

The hope is that with a little assistance in the kitchen, people will be able to cook with confidence, safe in the knowledge that their roast turkeys and baked hams are going to come out cooked to perfection!

The Kitchen Knight discount ends on 25 Dec 2013. To access the special 60% discount offer use the coupon code KNIGHT60 on the Amazon selling page.

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