Seo Gladiator Blog Launched, Shares Little Known Benefits of Himalayan Salt


Kew Gardens, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/30/2015 -- is a recently launched blog that has been created by Eric, a healthy living enthusiast, about the many benefits of salt, specifically Himalayan salt. The writer hopes to highlight the positive aspects of using salt for health and healing purposes. The blog presents a contrasting view about the use of salt which many people now believe is harmful and should be avoided, but Eric believes that Himalayan salt is actually a gift from God which humans need to survive.

Recently salt has been receiving a lot of bad rep for being bad for health, consuming excessive amounts of salt on a daily basis is detrimental to health. According to it can cause burden on kidneys, leading to kidney disease and kidney failure, it can also cause artery walls to thicken, which can cause the artery to burst or clog up which can cause serious health problem such as heart attack or stroke. These problems however, are a result of using too much salt specifically table salt, rest assured there are also many benefits of using salt.

Recently The Salt Mystery Blog featured an informative article about the salt lamps titled 'Tranquil Purification: The Magic of the Himalayan Salt Lamp'. In the post Eric talk about the science behind the air purification capabilities of salt lamps.

The blog states "A salt lamp does more than just lighting up a room. Beyond being a decorative piece, a Himalayan natural salt lamp has rejuvenating benefits. It is not a pain to dust or keep clean either. In fact, it functions just like an air purifier that removes dust, germs, bacteria and free radicals that might have accumulated in your room over time. It helps to purify and improve the air quality by emitting negative ions, allowing us to feel more refreshed and energized."

The blog has also been reviewing various salt products including salt pipe inhalers which Eric believes is the best natural therapy for asthma and allergies, because it involves no drugs and medications, therefore has no or very limited side effects.

The website's other point of focus are the advantages of using Himalayan salt over regular table salt or sea salt. The blog discusses the various ways salt can be safely incorporated for daily use for health purposes.

About The is a blog about the secret healing properties of salt, particularly Himalayan salts.

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