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Liverpool, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/27/2013 -- They may be called backlinks or they may be known as inbound links, inward links, inbound links or incoming links; no matter what the name is, it simply means a link of your website on another webpage. In simpler terms, you own website X and when you go to website Y, you find your link pasted somewhere on it, now that’s a backlink!

Why are Backlinks for your website important for SEO and for your website’s search ranking?

The importance of backlinks has increased overwhelmingly with SEO entering the World Wide Web. Here’s why backlinks are essential to your website:

1. Study has proven that the more the number of backlinks that a particular website has, the more popular that website is.

2. Backlinks are a safe indication of the success of your website and whether or not your website caters to a number of visitors and is abuzz with user activity.

3. Google uses the number of backlinks a website has to determine its search rankings.

4. Backlinks help you determine who your target audience is.

5. When you see that your website is being talked about on social networking platforms and blogs, that’s the biggest indication that your website is indeed popular.

It is important to build the right backlinks for your website. For example, if your website caters to selling homemade remedies of various ailments, a backlink of your website on a health forum or a health website will work wonders for your website.

What are SEO Backlinks Service Providers?

All Error! Hyperlink reference not valid. providers help you to successfully build backlinks for your website. However, you need to undertake a certain amount of good research before choosing your SEO Backlinks Service provider so that you don’t fall prey to bogus backlinks.

Why Should You Hire White Hat SEO Backlinks Service Providers?

Choosing a white hat SEO Backlinks 2013 service is important to stay in the safe zone while building backlinks.

A white hat service provider will:

1. Abide by the tight guidelines put forth by Google’s Penguin updates on website optimization.

2. Avoid web spam factors such as content spinning, stuffing, unnatural links and cloaking.

3. Avoid penalization for backlinks from poor quality websites and bogus backlinks.

Therefore, you should always ensure that when it comes to making choices to optimize your website to increase your search engine rankings, you should always opt for the right choices in terms of backlinks service providers, Visit for a reputable seo provider.

Since backlinks are created for the purpose of achieving 3 goals (all which are interrelated to each other), namely:

1. Being picked up by search engines
2. Increasing your search rankings
3. Driving up your website traffic

Backlinks serve a vital role in achieving each of these goals.

That is why hiring professional SEO experts is stressed on. But do not disregard the fact that only the right professionals, the right SEO source and the right SEO Backlinks Service provider will be able to help you achieve

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