The Tech Silo Publishes Latest News on Possible Features of the Upcoming iPhone 6


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/23/2013 --, a website dedicated in providing latest news, official announcements and discussions on highly anticipated gadgets and gaming consoles, has recently published an article which has estimated what features the next iPhone 6 will have. The article also discusses the performance of the latest iPhone 5s/5c and the enhancements in the iOS 7.

The article informs that since there is a huge demand for an even bigger screen size the next iPhone 6 might have the biggest iPhone screen but Apple will try to maintain the size of the actual phone by coming up with a design that will only extend the end to end size of the screen.

Another aspect to look out for according to the Tech Silo is the storage capacity. A minimum of 128 GB is expected in the iPhone 6 and even more is suspected.

The article also mentions that many people are not satisfied with the battery life of the latest iPhone 5s/5c, hence Apple must address this issue and find means to provide a much improved battery life otherwise there will be many disappointed iPhone users.

The article has also discussed the improvements in the new iOS 7 which is now available for the iPhone 5s/5c. The major enhancement, according to, has been the swiping option to easily navigate through menus and browsers.

Due to the increasing phone dimensions, reaching the corners of the phone has become difficult and the iOS 7 has taken care of this issue by including ‘swipe anywhere on the screen’ aspect for both locking and unlocking the phone, and when coming back to previous options in settings, apps and browsers, this is a feature which is not there in any other mobile operating system. Further aspects like much improved landscape mode, swift operations, better graphical interface and many other features of iOS 7 have been discussed in the article.

The Tech Silo has also speculated the possible iPhone 6 release date. On the contrary of what many gadget websites and critics are saying, The Tech Silo is guessing that the iPhone 6 will be released in the next year, possibly mid-2014 and definitely not this year. This estimate is based on the trend of releases of Apple’s devices and upgrades, and also related official announcements and events.

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