Joe Bragg Launches Career Guide


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/04/2012 -- There are hundreds of careers in the medical field, many of them rewarding both in terms of job satisfaction and in salary. The work needed to get into these fields however can be daunting, as can the expense of the schooling necessary to qualify.

However, for those who might have considered a career in the medical field, the role of ultrasound technician is an accessible and attainable career that can lead on to greater opportunities.

Ultrasound Technician has just launched its website to provide a comprehensive guide for those looking to for a career in sonography. The ultrasound uses high frequency sound waves and echolocation to penetrate objects and map their inner structures. Many think of pregnancies when they think of ultrasounds, but there a much wider range of biomedical and therapeutic applications.

Many of these applications are listed on the site under their “jobs” section, which forms a part of their main menu including contact details, information on schools, salaries and certifications.

The site comes with a handy tool allowing visitors to enter their zip code and search for schools capable of offering educational courses relevant to ultrasound technician training, and also provides an exhaustive list of schools categorized by state and county.

The site also has a section for Featured Schools, where they provide greater insight into some of the best ultrasound technician schools in the US to receive training.

The guide also features a plethora of high quality original content in the form of editorials addressing many of the key issues facing those thinking about taking up medical training. Their topics include the average salaries of an ultrasound technician, a discussion of the job description and it’s key roles and responsibilities, educational requirements to undertake the training, and how to get admitted to the best schools.

A spokesperson for the site explained, “We’re here to fill a void that previously existed in having a clear, plain-english guide to a particular medical career. So many sites out there are either too general in focus or too specialized in their language and both of these factors can frustrate those looking for easy to understand specifics. That’s what we aim to provide.”

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