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TheVenus.Net Offering Revolutionary Female-Only Weight Loss Program to Get Back in Shape Within Weeks


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/04/2014 -- TheVenus.Net offers one of the most comprehensive and well structured weight loss programs for females. This weight loss program has been designed after properly analyzing the specific factors of a female’s biological system that helps or resist weight loss. The research conducted by the creators of this program, Brad Pilon and John Barban, showed conclusively that the Leptin hormone produced within the body can make or break the weight loss efforts made by the females. If the body is highly resistant to Leptin, then the chances of being overweight are too high, but if it is sensitive towards Leptin, then the women can be either underweight or normal weight.

The Venus Factor weight loss program follows the unique Leptin Hormone Approach that circles around the workout, calorie control and nutrition cycle that focuses precisely on reducing the Leptin resistance of the body. Once it is reduced, the users can eat and drink normally, while reducing weight without much effort. The Venus Factor weight loss program is designed to fit into the lifestyle of modern day women effortlessly and does not ask the users to control their diet massively or hit the gym early in the morning, but instead showcases simple and easy to follow workouts for three days in a week and simple inputs on a nutritious diet. Combining the principles of its nutrition guide and three-day workouts every week, the users are sure to feel the difference as well as see the visible change in their waistline in a couple of weeks itself.

Venus Factor provides numerous benefits to its users, which includes a calorie counter that helps the users to check how much calorie they can have each day. There is also a nutrition app that is supplied along with the program that tells users what food contains how many calories, so that it becomes much easier to monitor and control diet and eat an optimal sized portion as per the set weight loss goal. One of the Venus Factor benefits also include that there is a Venus Podcast that connects different women with weight issues and makes it easy for the users to stay focused on their goal by listening to the success stories of the others. The Venus Factor community forum is also a place where the members can come in and chat with other users to learn from them and share tips and experiences that can help others to achieve their weight loss goals.

About TheVenus.Net
TheVenus.Net offers the revolutionary and effective Venus Factor weight loss program for females that follows a unique Leptin Hormone Balance Approach and is designed in accordance with the biological needs and system of a female body. It guarantees fast and effective results, if accurately followed, and has received rave reviews from the world over for helping many women get back in shape and lose fat, fast and easily. Contact the company by filling in the contact form on the company’s site or visit TheVenus.Net for more details.

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