Thierry Rayer's Open Letter to Leaders, Decision-Makers and Media


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/23/2020 -- Excellencies Presidents, Ladies and Gentlemen

Africa is the cradle of humanity. We have known this for several decades, thanks to the discovery of Lucy's fossil in 1974. This discovery, which changed the perception of human origins, is now written in all books on the subject. Africa is a continent extremely rich in natural resources. Oil, natural gas, gold, diamonds, so many riches that have led Western countries to consider the continent as a "pied-à-terre" of their national economy. The West has not only taken natural resources from the African subsoil, it has also appropriated African art by repatriating masks, sculptures and statues to its most renowned museums.

But what must challenge us all today is to raise awareness of the full universal dimension of this cradle of humanity: the discovery and highlighting of the "universal knowledge and know-how of the creative process". This scientific discovery, which I presented at the headquarters of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, effectively makes it possible to decipher the art and architecture of each country and highlights the common origin of all the cultures of humanity at the very heart of the African continent. This discovery was possible thanks to the meticulous and rigorous study of Constantin Brancusi's work "The kiss of 1905".

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Like the theorem of Pythagoras, Thales or the Fibonacci sequence, there is a common denominator to all of humanity's great artistic achievements, a universality of process that has been used from antiquity to the modern period throughout the world. This discovery makes it possible to legitimize the gathering of communities around a single cultural root, Africa.

What consequences does this discovery imply for African leaders? The policy of most African countries, especially French-speaking ones, is one of short-term (sometimes only personal) enrichment that penalizes the populations. "After me, flies" seems to be the credo of more than one leader. However, the discovery of the universality of creation has the power to overturn the world geopolitical balance by putting Africa back in the position it should always have legitimately occupied on the world chessboard, that of the "Mother Earth" of the rest of the populations, and this at the level of science, education, arts and culture. This position vis-à-vis the rest of the world is the guarantee of economic prosperity and a return to the central place that Africa deserves.

Investments must therefore focus primarily on schools, universities, (artistic) training centres, but also on the creation of institutions, museums, private or public foundations and the organisation of events highlighting African heritage. The dynamic thus created will make every citizen of every African nation a bearer of this ancestral heritage and will turn him or her into an ambassador of this universality. Africa's cultural heritage belonging to all humanity will enable every country in the world to participate in the financing of the necessary infrastructure. For every work of architecture or art, whatever its origin, is of African inspiration. Culture is unique, it was born in Africa!

I therefore appeal to African leaders, to African billionaires, if they do not negotiate this 180° turn in the development of African society, it is a whole civilisation, a whole culture, a whole heritage that is in danger of being forever wasted and of keeping the continent on the sidelines of global development. You must be proud of your continent, of your history of your ancestors! Anyone who does not respond to this vibrant appeal risks becoming an accomplice to a historical injustice on a planetary scale that none of his children will be able to excuse.

Worse, the universal discovery could be exploited by another continent for its own benefit and to the detriment of Africa. This refrain already reminds us of something. For their own survival, it is high time for African countries to stop missing their destiny.

The time has come to set education in motion and to communicate the indisputable reality of the universality of artistic creation and to promote it in the four corners of Africa and the globe. Will you be part of this milestone in history or will you continue to be satisfied with your own life?

The Scientific study Circle Rayer and the African people are waiting for you.

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