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Thin Marker Creates Educational Website to Educate Students with Facts

Learn many facts with the new website Thin Marker


Kennewick, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/17/2016 -- Thin Marker is a website designed for educating everyone. They want to make learning fun again to people by creating facts about all types of subjects. Their strategy is to have a wide range of articles from entertainment to history. People are more interested in being entertained than learning, however if we can take both entertainment and learning and combine it together, we have a killer combination. The entertaining fact articles on the website are designed to lure readers in, once they are on the website, they might be lured into a less entertaining article but more educational article that is of interest to them.

Thin Marker has created a new article about Mark Zuckerberg Facts. Facts are a very important part of history. Thin Marker believes that we need to engage younger people in to learning more facts and history about a wide variety of subjects that influence our lives. Not every subject has to be boring, Thin Marker encourages fun articles about celebrity facts such as Taylor Swift. Who doesn't want to learn more interesting facts about Taylor Swift?

Another article that they wrote is an article on Taylor Swift. They took the liberty to create the article and write 75 facts on Taylor Swift that contain several high quality images for each Taylor Swift fact. They try to get the best facts that shock their readers. They believe that if they can shock their readers with interesting facts and content, then that will want them to learn more about all sorts of topics. They call this encouraging Curiosity.

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