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Things That Matter Most: New Book of Author's Life Reflections Urges Readers to Live with Honesty, Integrity and Embrace Christian Values

Initially written as a series of articles by Don Hodge, ‘Things That Matter Most: Reflections’ recounts the author’s life, experiences and the bold lessons he has learned along the way. With a separate chapter for each subject, Hodge’s work is poised to empower spiritual and personal growth within readers from all walks of life.


Simpsonville, SC -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/06/2014 -- In 2013, Don Hodge commenced a unique yet empowering project; composing a series of articles for his family, based on what he has learned as a devoted family man and Christian. His growing bibliography touched on everything from the importance of maintaining good character and keeping a sense of humor right through to his own tried-and-tested tips for career success. Having compiled an admirable resource that spans his entire life, Hodge has compiled his articles into a book and is now releasing it to the world.

‘Things That Matter Most: Reflections’ is that book. Fusing life lessons with witty vignettes and Bible references, Hodge hopes to help readers from all walks of life achieve dramatic personal development while growing closer to their faith.


During his golden years, Don Hodge has begun to reflect back on his life which has brought a renewal of spiritual growth and discovery.

This book is the outpouring of lessons learned, lessons he wishes to share and his devotion to the Lord. It is his hope that each reader will find some pearls of wisdom to enrich their daily lives. As you read these pages you will learn he is not only a man of integrity, he is also patriotic, witty, thoughtful, and loving.

“Putting my life and wisdom on paper was a hugely uplifting experience,” admits Hodge. “It marked a time of powerful reflection, discovery and renewal of spiritual growth. Each chapter of the book contains one of my original articles, with different subject matter based on what was in my heart at the time of writing.”

Continuing, “Each subject had to earn its place in my book; they had to be important enough for me to want to share them. Chapters touch on attitude, character, choices, courage, pride, words, relationships, listening, success, professionalism, kindness, maturity, humor and much more. There are also some very deeply-personal chapters such as “Dad”, “Christmas”, “The Main Thing”, “Tribute to the Soldier” and “Freedom Under Siege”.

“No matter what a reader’s background or place in life, they’ll find pearls of wisdom among my words. The overriding goal of releasing this book was to empower personal growth and bring home the importance of maintaining Christian values, personal integrity and responsibility,” he adds.

‘Things That Matter Most: Reflections’ is due for imminent release on Amazon.

About Don Hodge
Don Hodge is a practicing Christian, devoted husband, loving father and playful grandfather. After a successful 50-year career in project management, he now has the time and energy to devote to his true passions – his faith and his family.

Don was born the eldest of seven children in rural Alabama. He attended engineering school at the University of Alabama and has spent his career living all around the country. He now lives in South Carolina with Donna, his beloved wife of 30 years.