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Think Box Media Does It Again: Making a Bland Staircase Into a Masterpiece


Freeport, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/27/2017 -- When it comes to offices and empty staircases, the overall atmosphere may feel drab and uninspiring; however, living life like that day in and day out can take its toll. For Pulsepoint, this may very well have been the case. Their staircase, although serving its purpose of transitioning floors, was bland, white-walled, and devoid of an artistic need to galvanize. Taking their situation to Think Box Media and their high-quality printing services in New York was the best decision they could make.

Think Box Media and Pulsepoint teamed up to fill the space with not just lyrics by themselves, but also wall mural graphics to add color and image. The lyrics were depicted in such a way so as to make them captivating, motivational, and hard to miss. Also using a popular electronic tune that is well known and upbeat, Pulsepoint's staircase secured a feeling of modernity.

To create this large format wall mural graphic, Think Box Media installed it using 3M CAD-cut vinyl in various colors and layered it along the three interior walls of the staircase. The final result gives a remarkable view for passersby and adds a unique twist to Pulsepoint's space. Pulsepoint, having worked on other projects and various interior graphic installations with Think Box Media, were extremely satisfied with the end result.

Those who are interested in large format printing in the Manhattan are encouraged to contact Think Box Media today by calling them at 212-571-7019. With the holidays coming up, Think Box Media can even provide retail graphics to promote Black Friday sales.

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