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Thinspo Launches Offeing Thinspiration for Those Looking to Lose Weight and Be Healthy

Thinspo offers responsible thinspiration that hopes to help those in danger of falling into pro-ana thinking instead find healthy and responsible ways to get to their ideal body.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/24/2014 -- The pro-ana movement has caused considerable alarm online. A shorthand for pro-anorexia, these websites and forums are poised at encouraging people to develop eating disorders in order to get rake thin, model-like bodies. The dangers with such so-called support groups are obvious, but the desire to be thin has been reinforced by society for generations. Thinspo is a new website that offers careful, responsible advice and thinspiration to help people achieve the body they want without falling into the dangers of the pro-ana movement.

The website includes articles by individuals who started out in the pro-ana lifestyle, and have since moved beyond it in order to live a healthier lifestyle, loving themselves instead of making their self-respect dependent on their weight, and getting even better results because of it.

The site explains pro-ana ( to those who may be new to weight loss support online, and also gives inspiration on exercise and fitness to shape a skinny body into a thin but supple wonder.

The thinspiration provided by the site also aims to give people positive role models, who are thin and beautiful but at the same time are not unhealthy, without the exposed ribs and sagging arms experienced by clinically underweight people.

A spokesperson for Thinspo explained, “The reason pro-ana websites have become so popular is because there are few other alternatives for people to find places that will support their ambitions to be thin. Unfortunately that means that those who want to be thin end up being co-opted into a negative belief system. We want to turn that around and offer positive inspiration for those looking to become thin, with information on diet and exercise to help people achieve the body of their dreams without endangering themselves.”

About Thinspo
Thinspo is a website created for entertainment purposes only, and is keen to remind users that any weight loss program should be completed under the supervision of a trained medical professional. The information on the site was collated from sources around the web and is not intended to replace the advice of a qualified individual. Rather, it is designed to inspire people to get the body they always wanted. For more information please visit: