Third Eye Design Seeks Funding via Kickstarter to Start Manufacturing HelSTAR Wireless Helmet Brake & Signal Light

The objective behind this project is to make motorcycle riders more visible with a cutting edge wireless, helmet brake and turn signal system. The funding requirement for this new venture from Third Eye Design, Inc. is $250,000.


Matawan, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/17/2014 -- A number of studies carried out around the world clearly indicate that motorcyclists often get hit because they can’t be seen by other motorists. The low placement of brake lights is also a big factor behind motorcycles getting hit. Third Eye Design wants to improve this situation with their wireless, helmet brake and turn signal system called HelSTAR.

The unique design of HelSTAR looks to save lives of motorcycle riders by increasing their visibility. HelSTAR accomplishes this by placing a secondary signal for brake and turn in the line of vision of motorists. With ultra-bright LED lights, HelSTAR catches attention of all motorists in the surrounding area whenever the rider signals or applies their brake. The system can be installed easily to any motorcycle or helmet. A fully programmable chipset makes it easier for users to add new features such as brake modulation, etc.

Key Features:
- HelSTAR has no on/off switch. Therefore, riders cannot forget to turn it on or off.
- Automatic diagnostics insure the unit is performing properly and batteries are good.
- Multiple transmitters can be linked to a single receiver. This feature is useful for a rider with more than one motorcycle. And, multiple receivers can be linked to a single transmitter. Once mated, no 2 units will interfere with eachother.
- To prevent damage caused by water, humidity or vibration, the transmitter unit has been sealed.

The HelSTAR pilot program started in June with a diverse group of participants. This highly successful program finished on the 30th of September. At present, Third Eye Design is ready to roll out HelSTAR with a cost efficient and feature rich design. They have already contracted an American manufacturing firm to start the production of HelSTAR. The company is expecting to launch the product in spring, 2015. The funding requirement to transition this project from pilot to production is $250,000.

This crowdfunding project will come to an end on Sunday, December 14.

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More information on HelSTAR is available at Third Eye Design’s official website

About Third Eye Design
Third Eye Design, Inc. ( designs and manufactures cutting-edge technology products centered on a patented groundbreaking RF communication protocol. Headquartered in Pittsford, NY, with offices in Washington, DC, and Sorrento, FL, our first product is a cutting-edge wireless brake and signal light for placement on and integration into motorcycle helmets, called HelSTAR. Utilizing ultra-low frequency technology, the design is unprecedented and exclusive. Industry experts have called it the RF equivalent of a million mile per gallon car.

Our story began after a near-collision with a motorcyclist with a low-mounted, hard-to-see taillight. More than seven years of research and development, focus group studies engineering and patent work later, we are ready to go to market.

Third Eye Design was founded on the belief that we can use technology to make the world a better, safer place. We are starting one motorcycle at a time.