This Christmas Give the Miracle of a Clean Tomorrow for Grandchildren

This Christmas CarbonClix is offering the sensational opportunity to give a gift which will help save the planet. The unique gift voucher allows the recipient to support a range of International projects to reduce pollution, fight climate change and help impoverished communities.


London City, London -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/09/2013 -- Leading carbon offset provider CarbonClix has launched a revolutionary Christmas campaign to provide shoppers with a magnificent alternative to those dull traditional Christmas gifts.

“A carbon clix gift voucher is the perfect gift for friends and family that care about the planet we live on.” explains co-founder Charlotte Carlsen Abraham. “The voucher provides access to the CarbonClix community, dedicated to a cleaner planet and enables the receiver to choose from a fantastic range of offsetting projects that have a direct impact on saving the planet. “

Carbon offsets let anyone help build projects that reduce emissions far beyond individual action. CarbonClix offers an interesting selection of projects for members to choose from, allowing them to choose the cause, which they feel most strongly about.

All projects are independently assessed in line with the Gold Standard/VCS carbon credit certification schemes to ensure that they deliver promised carbon savings. These projects are designed to help the planet by reducing pollution as well as providing support to less fortunate communities in the form of clean water, electricity, improved education or safe cooking facilities.

Take that most important step towards keeping tomorrow’s world clean. Give the best gift anyone could receive this Christmas:

About CarbonClix
CarbonClix, owned by Tramp Carbon, specialises in providing members with the opportunity to calculate their carbon emissions using the popular carbon footprint calculator. The health savvy member community also receive advice on how to reduce their individual carbon footprints and save money at the same time. Many emissions however, cannot be eliminated or reduced and this is where members can choose to offset the rest through carefully selected projects.

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