This Daily Dosage of Garcinia Cambogia Will Transform the Body Into a Fat Burning Machine


Chesapeake, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/11/2013 -- Having established itself as an effective weight loss solution, garcinia cambogia the tropical fruit commonly used as an ingredient in food preparation is now available as a weight loss supplement. The supplement contains the active ingredient Hydroxycitric acid (HCA) and has to be taken daily for good results. The daily dosage of garcinia cambogia depends on the type and composition of the supplement being taken, the weight of the person and the weight loss goals being targeted.

The abilities of this extract to suppress appetite and also prevent the conversion of carbohydrates to fat are the key actions by which it provides its weight loss benefits. Before deciding the daily dosage of garcinia cambogia, the following factors must be carefully examined.

1-Amount of the active ingredient (HCA) in the supplement:

There are two types of supplements available in the market. Simple supplements contain only HCA while compound supplements may contain other weight loss ingredients too. Most studies on this supplement and its effectiveness are done by using a supplement that contains the active substance in the same proportion as it is found in the natural extract of the fruit.

All dosages suggested here are based on the assumption that the supplement contains the active ingredient at 50% strength. In case the dosage is being calculated for a supplement that contains HCA in other proportions it has to be adjusted to take that factor into account.

2-Weight of the person taking the supplement:

The recommended daily dosage of garcinia cambogia for people who are not obese is between 500 mg to 1500 mg a day. Dosages lower than 300 mg per day don't produce any significant or noticeable benefits.

Obese people have taken daily dosages of up to 3000 mg for more effective weight loss. The higher dosage is required only if the lower dosages don't produce the desired effect.

So far, within the recommended daily dosage limits, no cases have been reported where intake of garcinia cambogia has resulted in toxicity. The daily dose has to be divided depending on how many meals the person takes during the day.

Correct way of taking the daily dose of garcinia cambogia:

For best results, it is important to take the supplement at least half an hour before each meal. However, it is preferable to take it an hour before the meal. The active ingredient HCA dissolves in water easily, is easily absorbed by the body and processed very quickly.

If a person is taking three meals a day and the daily dosage is between 1500 mg to 3000 mg, then ideally, the dosage before each meal should be between 300 mg to 1000 mg, to be consumed one hour before the meal.

Other aspects to be considered while taking garcinia cambogia supplements:

To be effective, garcinia supplements should be taken before meals that contain some amount of carbohydrates. The active ingredient HCA works mainly on carbohydrates. Taking the supplement before a meal that does not contain some amount of carbohydrates may result only in very limited benefit.

While there is no doubt about the effectiveness of garcinia cambogia, it can only form one part of the weight loss management program. To produce the best weight loss results, the daily dosage of garcinia cambogia has to be combined with a diet that is low in calories and regular physical exercise.

To achieve maximum weight loss in a short amount of time, it is recommended that you go for garcinia supplements that has minimum 50% HCA in the extract, has no preservatives or additives and is 100% pure. There are many online stores that sell this supplement but it is recommend that you try pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract.

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