This Educator and Speaker Does Not Favor Cursing at Workplaces

Cursing At Workplace Causes More Harm Than Good


Memphis, TN -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/06/2015 -- There are a number of people who are opposed to cursing at workplace and they may be glad to know that Jeff Turnbow, who is a speaker, educator and consultant and who help local businesses and local economies in their growth by offering digital marketing services to them, also favors eliminating cursing at workplace.

Jeff Turnbow has founded and speaks to college associations, local governments, and locally owned businesses. He also leads the digital marketing department for WMC Action News. According to him, the question of cursing at workplace should not arise at all.

He adds that he is aware that there are proponents of cursing in the workplace. Some of these proponents quote the findings of studies that claim that profanity is a de-stressor, is emotive and it adds proper emphasis to communication and even camaraderie. But Jeff Turnbow terms these findings as worthless and distasteful.

He emphatically says cursing shows lack of civility and respect. Apart from being taboo, it signals professional weakness also. Even if some folks agree to the so-called positive benefits of cursing, they also essentially admit that it is an act done with an intention of creating a non-existent thing. Jeff poses the question as to why camaraderie does not already exist and why people should use cursing for creating it. He further asks why people should rely upon a thing like cursing for creating a good environment. He strongly believes that there should be no necessity to use the obviously negative tool of cursing for creating a favorable environment. Even the good old leadership principles rate cursing among traits of weakness.

Jeff agrees that an accidental slip of tongue can happen to anyone. But such a slip should immediately be followed with an unconditional apology. This is what can create or strengthen camaraderie.

He emphatically says that cursing in the workplace is more offensive and harmful than being helpful. Cursing can land the offender in serious trouble because the person may be called for discussion by the HR head or may immediately be terminated. Cursing words related to religion, sex, or race are certainly viewed seriously and there may be severe disciplinary actions against the offender.

Jeff continues to add that as a Christian, he firmly believes that everyone must defend their faith at every opportunity to counter the current accelerated erosion of religious rights. Those do not express their displeasure over the offensive behavior are contributing to its place within the environment.

Unfortunately, the lax policies in some of today's workplaces are what help those who comfortably keep cursing.

So, Jeff advises that everyone, regardless of their position, must travel the path that helps them eliminate cursing from their workplace environment. Those who want to be interesting, create camaraderie, or show emphasis should therefore find a way other than resorting to offensive behavior. This needs real strength as well as good leadership.

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Jeff Turnbow, who is the founder of, is a speaker, educator and Consultant. He is passionate about his mission of helping in the growth of local businesses and local economies by offering his digital marketing services. He leads the digital marketing department for WMC Action News 5, A Raycom Station also. He strongly feels that cursing at workplaces causes more harm than good and hence, should be completely eliminated.

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