Hetal Shah

This Is to Correct the False Rumors That Have Been Circulating About Ms. Hetal Shah Between 1999 and 2019 in the United States


Boston, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/02/2019 -- In February 2002, Ms. Hetal Shah was very smart, very capable, beautiful, experienced, sophisticated, teachable and knowledgeable. She was an Indian American lady based in Boston. She had a very good social and professional network in the United States.

Hetal wants to receive email messages from many well-credentialed US residents with personal annual incomes of over $600,000. She likes to receive many personal social invitations via email. She does not want to decrease her uniqueness and superiority. She wants to be credited and admired by suitable professionals.

It is December 2019, and Ms. Hetal Shah is a 47 year-old Indian American lady based in Boston. She has a bachelor's degree in Civil engineering. She has lived in the Boston area for over 23 years. She is a divorcee with no kids. She has many interests and hobbies. She is not working or volunteering currently. Her personal annual income is less than $50,000. She is experienced, sophisticated, feminine and well-read.

Hetal is currently an author, blogger, vlogger, meditator, occasional speaker, ex-entrepreneur, amateur dancer and amateur singer. She also wants to be a board member, childfree socialite, startups coach and independent management consultant in Boston.

Hetal wants to correct the false rumors circulating about her during the last two decades in the United States. She can be reached at hetaliscoy@yahoo.com.

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Ms. Hetal Shah
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