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This May Come as a Great Shock to Many Until the Many Becomes "You" - The Light Is Still on at Magnolia Women's Recovery Programs, Inc.


Oakland, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/12/2015 -- ( As an American woman, I have always lived with hope, lived with a dream that existed within our society and our future. Our golden age was always still to come. This promise of the future lived within our enthusiasms. But somehow our situation changed.

Our starting, our beginning, this fulfillment of our dreams, never became true. What happened to our rejoicing? What happened to our hopes?

How did Depression become a contemporary phenomenon? And how did Drug Abuse become a contemporary phenomenon? How did homelessness become a contemporary phenomenon? It appears that our tomorrows became this phenomenon's first casualty.

Yet political ideologies claim success. Their political war on drugs. Their political war on poverty. Their political war on homelessness. Yet, when we look around at our government's claims of success, it becomes very clear, nothing fails like success. There is no possibility that a woman in our contemporary society will ever be equal, no possibility that her dreams will be fulfilled.

And many people wonder why, when life becomes so dark, so without hope, why drugs with their psychedelic kick replaces their hopes with this illusion of security. This illusion and the people whom live within it, become not just addicted to the drugs; but also to this parallel social conformity.

This may come as a great shock to many. Until the many becomes "you".

The Light is Still On

About Magnolia Women's Recovery Programs, Inc.
We are Magnolia Women's Recovery Programs, Inc., located in Oakland and Hayward California. We help ensure children, newborn to seven years old whom have been separated from their addicted mothers and placed in the foster care system, so that the separated children can reunify with their mothers in a drug-free, healthy and stable environment. These are children who get tossed around the foster care system, resulting in emotional trauma. Many of these children's first traumatic experience is the act of being pulled out of the arms of their mothers and taken away to be placed with strangers. This act of separation is emotionally abusive, and if not treated, can easily turn into anger and hatred resulting in an act of violence.

The mothers all come in hopeless, but there is hope at Magnolia! Our motto is "Magnolia is the essence of dignity," and we seek to reconnect addicted women to their individual essence of love, compassion, and beauty. Magnolia women learn to walk in dignity, restore their families and become contributing members of the community. Over 350 women and families have crossed Magnolia's threshold; we are happy to say that 73% have graduated by sustaining housing, sobriety, employment and pursuing higher education. Our family reunification rate is 100%; meaning 80% of the women who enter into our program have been separated from their child or children and 20% enter pregnant with 100% healthy births. Magnolia helps mothers overcome their substance abuse issues and stabilize their mental health; both are crucial and necessary for reunification with their children. Since opening our doors we have helped 100% of those women and families reunite and we are on a mission to serve more!

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