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This Respek Is Something Earned Not Given, and That's Been Their Name


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/03/2016 -- What started off in 2005 as a simple "Do not feed the pigeons" "No Bread & No Seeds" T-shirt design, This Respek Wear has grown into one of the dopest up and coming clothing/lifestyle brands. Now specializing in everything from canvas art, area rugs, hats and t-shirts. This Respek Wear prides itself on thinking outside the box with its creative designs that make people think. The name This Respek symbolizes the designs because they are like "Respect" its something earned not given.

Recently RESPEK has started to becoming a popular and trending phrase from an incident with Rapper Birdman saying "put some RESPEK on it" at the power 105.1 breakfast club radio show. RESPEK has caught fire on social media etc. causing many to think that Birdman is the originator of the term when in actuality This Respek Wear has been around since 2005, steady growing and working hard to expand the brand that started off with a simple t-shirt. In honor of their hard work and continuous grind This Respek Wear is re-releasing some of its first designs that were launched in 2005 including the staple "Do not feed the pigeons" "No Bread No Seeds" as well as new RESPEK snapbacks and a couple of limited edition designs. They pride themselves on thinking outside the box and always pushing the envelope.

This Respek is something earned not given and its clearly been put on their name. If you want the to be ahead of the wave and not just part of it make sure you log onto for those Exclusive Products…. That's THIS RESPEK.

This Respek Wear