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Thomas F. Rzaca Shares His Knowledge of Renting Photo Booths


Folcroft, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/27/2013 -- Renting a photo booth is not as easy as just picking someone from a list of names. Thomas F. Rzaca, owner of Extreme Photo Booths states “You will be spending good money on your event and you want a photo booth company that will fit into your budget, but more importantly into your event.” In addition to the company providing hours of fun and entertainment, they will also be providing memories for years to come.

So before selecting a photo booth company, here are 4 things a person should need to know.

#1 Do NOT use discount coupons!!!
Discount coupons sound really good at first and everyone thinks they are getting a great deal. But so many photo booth companies that offer discount coupons never deliver. Not only do they not deliver, but numerous companies have gone out of business because they cannot sustain their business with the huge discounts offered with the discount coupons. Mr. Rzaca from Extreme Photo Booths stated “It is very upsetting to hear a Bride cry because she has found out the day before her wedding that the photo booth company she hired using a discount coupon is no longer in business. Not only does she not have a photo booth for entertainment, but she has also lost her money!” Just remember, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

#2 Make sure the company sells what it promises
Many photo booth companies don’t even put a picture of their booth on their website. If the photo booth is not on the home page, beware! The company may be trying to hide an old, unprofessional looking photo booth. Also, try to picture how it will look at the event and if it will blend in.

#3 Know who’s being hired
Check the photo booth company’s website. See how long they have been in business. See how many events and what type of events they have successfully completed. A more established company may cost a little more, but they have worked out any issues and will be able to provide a better experience for guests.

#4 Beware of the upsell!!!
Make sure the photo booth company is providing everything in their package. So many companies offer options that have at an additional cost. Before someone knows it, that discounted price has doubled or even tripled. Extreme Photo Booths owner, Thomas F. Rzaca states “Extreme Photo Booths provides only 1 package. We include everything so our client can truly have a memorable event without breaking the bank!” Some of the essentials that the photo booth company should be providing at no additional cost are unlimited prints, a scrapbook and delivery. These are necessities that a person should not have to pay extra for them.

About Extreme Photo Booths
Thomas F. Rzaca, owner of Extreme Photo Booths, makes it his personal goal to make every photo booth rental experience, a successful one.