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Thomas Flint Landscape Design and Development Now Installing Outdoor Kitchens This August


Ramsey, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/19/2013 -- Thomas Flint Landscape Design and Development, landscape designers in Saddle River, NJ, are pleased to announce that they are now installing outdoor kitchens this August. Outdoor kitchens are becoming more and more popular as outdoor living spaces are becoming more advanced and practical.

An outdoor kitchen should always include the basics: grill, refrigerator, sink, counter top, and cabinets or drawers for storing items. The outdoor kitchen should have everything one needs as to not defeat the purpose by going in and out of the house. Outdoor kitchens have many benefits for the homeowners and are not only a luxury to have, but also a smart energy saving choice.

The professionals from Thomas Flint Landscape Design and Development know that using the oven or stove inside a home during the summer can easily increase the temperature inside that area of the home by 10 degrees or so. This increase in temperature will make the air conditioner work harder to achieve the desired temperature settings on the thermostat. At the end of the month, the energy bill will be higher from cooking inside the home in the summer. The benefits of an outdoor kitchen go way beyond saving energy. The convenience of the outdoor kitchen is great, especially when entertaining friends. Spending time outside on a patio, and perhaps around a pool, can continue through to dinner. The outdoor kitchen can hold all the beverages in a refrigerator making it easy for kids and adults to get drinks throughout the day. Clean up is a breeze, especially if the outdoor kitchen has a built in dishwasher. Outdoor kitchens are typically built into the patio so it blends in and keeps with the beauty of the outdoor living space.

Whether looking for swimming pool designers in Wyckoff, NJ, or outdoor kitchen ideas, call Thomas Flint Landscape Design and Development today to speak to a design specialist. Outdoor kitchens are not only great for the summer, but they can be convenient in the cooler weather as well. An outdoor kitchen will not only increase the value for the current homeowners, but it will also increase the overall value of the home for the future.

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