Thomas Sandberg Seeks $50,000 in Crowdfunding to Continue Groundbreaking Research Helping Dogs to Live Longer

Initial Data Shows that Dogs Can Live Almost Twice as Long and Shrug off Almost Any Disease Through Simple Changes in Diet.


Oakley, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/25/2014 -- Tom Sandberg is among the millions of dog lovers all over the world. When Tom lost one of his beloved dogs to cancer he did something that set him apart from the masses; he wanted to find out why dogs get cancer and stop it. After fifteen years of non-stop research and dedication to his quest he’s sure he has the answer.

During his first phase of research which started back in 1999 on a test group of eighty dogs, he came up with a diet that’s the best for dogs and easy on their owners; a simple home prepared diet of raw meat, bones and organs. This is a diet that simulates the nutritional values of a carnivore diet which is required to sustain a rock solid immune system. His findings during this first stage were startling in the best possible way; dogs on this diet lived years longer and had virtually no instances of cancer or any other disease.

Tom has moved on to phase 2 of his research project which will also take 15 years to complete. That’s because he wants to expand the project to 1,000 dogs and compile tons of new data that will provide comprehensive, incontrovertible evidence that his down to earth, back to basics no-nonsense diet for dog works beyond a shadow of a doubt.

After personally financing all of the research he’s conducted over the past fifteen years out of his own pocket, he realizes that he can’t do that for the next fifteen years with 1,000 dogs. Mr. Sandberg has turned to crowdfunding to help take his research and public awareness to the next level. His crowdfunding goal of $50,000 will help with Tom’s impressive agenda as follows:

- Reduce his non-project work commitments freeing up more of his time to add 1,000 dogs to his research project this year.
- Be able to personally assist more dog owners in making the switch to a raw food diet.
- Be able to assist and help more dogs with cancer.
- Pay for 200 dogs to be on an elevated cancer prevention program.
- Design a special raw feeding program for service dogs.
- Globally promote his research and findings to dog owners everywhere.
- Annual blood tests of the dogs involved with his project.
- Offer online seminars and phone support to dog owners involved with the project.
- Cover miscellaneous administrative expenses.

Any amount of money will help and every dollar counts. To thank everyone for backing his project, every donor – at any dollar amount – will receive a free copy of his eBook “Learn How To Add Years To Your Dog's Life”.

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