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Thomas the Timid Mouse: Enchanting Yet Inspiring New Book Helps Children Recognize the Power & Importance of Promise

Conceived and written by Orlando Redden, ‘Thomas the Timid Mouse’ uses a gripping story and lovable characters to instill the importance of keeping promises. As a vital aspect of life that few children’s books teach, promise takes center stage as Redden’s book prepares to resonate with families around the world.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/09/2014 -- Out of all of life’s disappointments, others not keeping their promises no doubt ranks highly for millions. Hoping to teach young readers about the importance of honoring promises and following through with their actions, author Orlando Redden is delighted to announce his compelling debut children’s book.

‘Thomas the Timid Mouse and His Promise’ is the first in a planned series of books featuring the charming and relatable Thomas….the timid mouse! Fusing story with moral, Thomas takes children on an unforgettable journey where his promise could not only save the day – but the lives of a pride of lions.


Thomas the mouse over hears poachers plotting to kill a pride of lions.
The poachers loyal dog over hears the mouse promise to stop them.
The dog being loyal to his masters will not let some mouse ruin their plans.
It’s a race against time to move the lions before the poachers arrive, but who will the lions believe?
A confident loyal dog or a timid mouse that can be eaten in a single bite.

Will Thomas make it there in time?

What can Thomas say to get a pride of lions to leave theirs house?

Will the lions eat Thomas for his trouble?

Will Thomas be able to keep his promise?

As the author explains, he has an unshakable desire to help young people prepare for a life of purpose.

“My story not only helps children recognize the importance of keeping promises, but it inspires them to stand up for what they believe in and live a life with true thought and gusto. This is the ‘missing link’ in today’s education policy and I am honored to be filling the gap through story,” says Redden.

Continuing, “It’s a lesson that young people will transfer to their future personal, social and work lives. Therefore, it is vital that we capture each child’s attention during their formative years and help them grow into people who can succeed in all areas of life. Nothing hurts more than a broken promise – but it’s something rarely passed on when teaching young people.”

Redden also has big plans to expand his publishing operation.

“I set up O Publishing for this first book, but I hope to soon have a myriad of other titles available under its umbrella. Today’s youth need all of the inspiration they can get so let’s help them change their lives through literature. It’s a very powerful vehicle that has withstood the test of time – I am very proud to be doing my part,” he adds.

‘Thomas the Timid Mouse and His Promise’ is due for release May 15th 2014. You will be able to purchase a copy from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Createspace Direct and may other online retail stores. Digital copies are currently exclusively available from Kindle. For more information, follow the series’ progress on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1l2KiyC.

About Orlando Redden
Orlando is from a small town in Wyoming. In school he was active in the theater program and took a public speaking course, all while working after school. This experience taught him self-motivation, time management, and the importance of clear communication to keep an audience's attention and interest.

Self-improvement and communication became a hobby of his. In his free time he studied body language, interpersonal communication, improv, martial arts, public speaking and leadership. Which made himself confident, and able to handle any situation that came his way.

In 2010 by a twist of fate he had the opportunity to write a movie script for the Oakland PAL (Police Activities League) with the theme of redemption; to show the children of Oakland that it is never too late to turn their lives around. Orlando took on the film project with great enthusiasm and excitement, and the movie was shown to over 80 children.

He is now directing his energy to help motivate others, both young and old. With the younger generation he is working to use entertainment to educate them on life lessons through his children books. And he does all this while maintaining the drive for constant self-improvement.