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Though an Age-Old Sport, Golf Is Getting Everything New

For centuries golf has been a popular sport, but now it is exploding with new and exciting merchandise and more.


Huntington Beach, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/21/2013 -- Though played for centuries, the strategically played game of Golf is flourishing with everything new; from apparel, equipment, used golf club trading sites, courses and more. Since the mid-15th century people around the world have played and participated in various forms of golf. While each version has different rules or equipment involved one thing remains consistent: it takes a lot of strategy and concentration to win at this competitive pastime.

Golf, which originates from the Dutch word 'kolf,' meaning 'club,' is one of the most popularly played sports internationally. From the sport itself to the organizations running it Golf has millions of people playing, working or tuning into golf events. The PGA (The Professional Golfers Association [of America]), is the largest working sports organization in the world, comprised of 27,000 professionals both men and women. With so many people participating in golf, it's about time something new and flashy hit the market.

New Trending items and topics in Golf:

Golf Apparel:
- PureBold's leather gloves are the latest accessory to hit the golf market. This new Escondido based company, has taken inspiration from today's fashion and designed bright, brilliantly bold leather gloves. PureBold offers these gloves in purple, blue, pink, yellow, green, orange, red, gray, black and white; and sells them for $17.95.

Golf Clubs:
- Every golfer needs a well-designed putter, but most golfers also want one that looks good. Welcome the new Odyssey Versa Putter the latest putter in the golf world. The look of the Versa is sleek, sophisticated and black-and-white striped. The design was created to eliminate as many bad strokes as possible by utilizing the lines to make a putt with the proper degree.

Trading Website:
- Looking for a used golf club at a reasonable price? ClubTrader, a used golf club website, makes it easy to buy, sell and trade. With free membership, free listing, free trading and over 9,000 different clubs; the opportunities to find the golf club of your dreams is endless.

Golf Courses & Resorts:
- Streamsong Resort, has been named the best new golf course in the country by Golf Magazine. The course is filled with large lakes, giant sand hills and minimal landscape. The resort includes 12 guest rooms, a steakhouse, gift shop and lounge. Streamsong Resort is said to be a public golf course like none other, with terrain unique to the state of Florida.

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