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Thought-Provoking Novel from M.C. Lang Wrestles Christianity and Truth Through Captivating Narrative

While fictional, ‘The Bastard Tree’ grapples with the deepest of questions to uncover who we are and what is truth. Interweaving Christian faith, Spirituality and Church with an all-entertaining story, the book is set to resonate with open-minded readers around the world.


Alberta, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/13/2013 -- With church attendance dwindling around the world, an increasing number of people are raising questions about faith, God and relevance. In order to address these talking points and provide real-world food for thought, Canadian author M.C. Lang fuses fact with fiction in his compelling new book.

‘The Bastard Tree’ is more than a novel; it’s an attempt to cut to the core of religion and figure out why it’s leaving so many people confused.


When Your Reality Dissolves Who Do You Trust? Mike Adams lives a solitary and unassuming life, until a near-death experience shatters it. Awaking as if from a dream, Mike finds himself lost in a bizarre reality where nothing makes sense and two mysterious strangers seem determined to pull him in opposite directions. Arrested at the crossroads of this uncertain new path, the tug-of-war for Mike’s soul hangs in the balance as he struggles with what is real and what is true.

As the race for an answer climaxes, Mike is thrust into a world where physical and spiritual realities collide, and the stage is set for an encounter he will never forget.

As the author explains, his book is of vital importance to today’s increasingly curious society.

“This book is important because it cuts to the very heart of empty Christian religiosity, which has left many people empty, confused and hopeless. It points toward an antidote to rote church attendance and that there is something much more,” says Lang.

He continues, “In a post-christendom, postmodern age, many legitimate questions are being asked of the Christian faith and this book addresses the heart of the issue. My book is unique in that it challenges many common assumptions about God that actually keep us estranged from Him.”

Since its release, ‘The Bastard Tree’ has garnered a consistent string of rave reviews.

“The Bastard Tree is a wonderful story of an everyday fellow named Mike who stumbles into a bizarre and heart enlarging journey of faith and discovery. I found the story richly and warmly written with well developed, interesting and sometime eclectic characters. Lang masterfully weaves a tale of an inner journey, a journey of self-discovery which will no doubt reveal some fresh landscape to the readers own journey,” says Michael Rose, who reviewed the book on Amazon.

Wayne Jacobsen, a collaborator on the international best seller ‘The Shack’, was equally as impressed. He said, ”This is a first-rate parable where the line between our material and spiritual worlds blur. For anyone on a spiritual journey, The Bastard Tree will enlighten, inspire, and encourage you to follow the only voice that makes sense in a broken world.”

With so much success on his hands, Lang refuses to lose sight of why his book is important.

“It is important to anyone who longs for something more, for a daily spontaneous relationship with Jesus; and for those who are asking questions about whether God is real and who He really is,” he concludes.

‘The Bastard Tree’, published by Fooco Fooco Comm., is available now: http://amzn.to/XxxpNK

More information can be found on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheBastardTree

About the Author: M.C. Lang
M.C. Lang grew up as a pastor’s kid in a small town. When M.C. was 19, one of his younger brothers was murdered at school. His family publicly extended forgiveness to the murderer, and that amazing story is captured in M. C.‘s first novel, co-written with his father, Dale Lang, entitled: Jason Has Been Shot! Confronted with his own mortality for the first time, M.C. set out to find something deeper, and that question continues today. He spent his twenties as part of a team that founded and built a drop-in center, as well as exploring simple forms of church. He also co-hosted the popular podcast "Two Fools On The Road to Emmaus," and was a regular contributor to "Rock Canada".

Today, through the use of vivid settings, colorful characters, and penetrating questions, M.C. provocatively invites others to join him on the journey in search of something deeper. For more of his work please visit: http://www.MCLang.net