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Newtown Sq, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/12/2013 -- Millions of Americans are aware they are eligible for Medicare. Many are confused about their choices.

“Choosing the right Medigap supplements does not need to be confusing,” stated Clelland Green RHU, CEO,, Pennsylvania. “In fact, we have simplified the process so that when you visit our site for information and quotes, it takes less than a minute to get the answers you are looking for, from Medicare to Medigap quotes, right at your fingertips.”

For older Americans seeking expert advice on what choices there are on the marketplace today, it is simple and efficient to gather that information from one website that offers relevant quotes. Those who are 65-years-old are eligible for Medicare. Many are uncertain just what that entails and what other indemnity they may also need to close any of the gaps in coverage.

Medicare itself offers four-part coverage under the headings Part A, Part B, Part C and Part D. Just about everyone knows that Part D covers drug prescriptions. “Less clear is what the first three Parts take care of,” outlined Green.

Part A handles things such as hospice care, skilled nursing, in-patient care while in hospital and home health. Part B covers wellness services to promote prevention and visits to a doctor’s office. Part C is for optional Medicare Advantage plans that seniors may choose separately.

“If you are receiving Medicare, or about to receive it, you are covered for Parts A, B, and D. None of those parts is completely comprehensive for everything you would need, which is why you also need Medigap supplements to get the kind of full coverage you need for your particular situation,” Green said.

None of the services offered under Medicare are free, but they are partially covered by insurance, predicated on how much an individual paid into Medicare when they worked and according to their present level of income. Recipients should also be aware that there may be extra costs, such as co-pays or higher premiums.

Even with the current uncertainty in how health care will be affected by the latest government shutdown, Medicare and Medicaid recipients are covered and continue to receive benefits for the duration. Funding for those programs was set aside to continue financial backing to the states through mandatory appropriations, and thus would not be affected.

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