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Thousands Opting for an Online Masters Degree Turn to Intelicus First


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/12/2012 -- It’s true that in education as in life, you get what you pay for. Often programs at prestigious institutions cost more while those without a stellar reputation may cost less. This has resulted, however, in a less than ideal situation in the education sector; as demand for the institutions seen as ‘top schools’ increases and prices rise, more and more students at these same schools are finding that when profit becomes the main motivation of universities, education suffers.

The same schools that are motivated to bring in the big bucks are also busy slashing programs and staff, all in a desperate attempt to make the bottom line look even more attractive to their board. Not interested so much in the quality of their education as the quantity of paying students they can get through the door, at the hands of many of the so-called ‘top schools’, students are suffering.

It’s no surprise then that many are turning to non-profit institutions to obtain their online master degree. Schools which prioritise quality over income are finally being seen for what they are; the last bastion of high-quality education remaining in this country. Acknowledging this, a website which makes it even easier to study at one of these stand-out universities is helping hundreds of thousands of students from all corners of the nation get the education they deserve.

Intelicus.com recognises the importance of excellence in education, particularly for those studying at postgraduate level. Often trying to improve their job prospects in competitive industries, post-graduate students are hungry for a master degree online that delivers real knowledge and skill, not just a well-recognized name on their diploma.

Focused primarily on online courses, Intellicus has made it clear that they see many benefits in online education. As more students attempt to balance work, family and study, an online masters degree allows them to progress their education while maintaining their ability to work effectively and spend quality time with their loved-ones.

Choosing a master degree online is a big decision. “Enrolling in an online master’s program online is a big choice that requires ample thought and research,” the Intelicus team confirm. Luckily, they’ve managed to do most of that research on behalf of prospective students everywhere. As more and more turn to studying their masters qualification online, thousands of students are finding themselves lucky to have found Intelicus.com.

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Intelicus is the internet’s leading resource on the topic of various online courses offered by the nation’s top non-profit institutions. As more people everywhere seek the job security and career advancement that a post-graduate qualification brings, Intelicus is delivering the tools and knowledge required to make the best choice as to which program, university and field is best for each individual. For more information, visit http://www.intelicus.com