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Thousands See the Magnificent Isle of Harris Like Never Before, Thanks to Photographer David Fleet


Western Isles, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/19/2012 -- There are not many who can discount the beauty of the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. With perhaps the most impressive views of any location in the world, the islands which make up the Outer Hebrides are both visually stunning and steeped in history. Tens of thousands of tourists make the trip every year to witness some of the most magnificent scenery on the planet.

The heart of this captivating district is well accepted as the Isle of Harris, named from the old Norse meaning ‘high land’. Particularly prized amongst all the locales that make up the Hebrides, the Isle of Harris is known for its remarkable diversity of landscapes – with the breathtaking beaches of the West coast in stark contrast with the dramatic, rocky landscape many witness to the East.

It’s little wonder, then, that one of the region’s most well-known artists, David Fleet, would attempt to make sense of the intense interaction between light and land that takes place uniquely at the Isle of Harris.

With an astounding range of photos of the Isle of Harris in his most recent collection, David Fleet has achieved the impossible; a complete documentation of the stunning vistas present on the Isle, from the windswept rocks of the East to the pristine, golden beaches of the West– and everything in between.

While several have attempted collections of photography of the Isle of Harris, it has taken Fleet, a resident, to truly distil the conflicting nature of the impressive landscape. Particularly interested in the interplay of light and land, Fleet relocated from his home in the Midlands to the Isle of Harris for the sole purpose of immersing himself in the amazing, varied environment present there. His most recent collection of photography is a true testament to his dedication, capturing the life of the Isle like no one before him has been able.

For true enthusiasts. Fleet has recently announced an upcoming service by which his prints can be purchased, framed and mounted. As easy as finding the right image and placing an order online, this service will bring the beauty of the Isle of Harris into living rooms all across the globe.

So for all those interested in Isle of Harris photography, it’s hard to go past the impressive collection produced by David Fleet. With an eye for the beauty of the area only possible in a local resident and the skill honed by absolute dedication to professional photography, it’s clear that the best images to come out of the Hebrides in years are the result of David Fleet photography, an impressive feat indeed.

About David Fleet Photography
Originally from Kent via the Midlands, David Fleet relocated to the magnificent surrounds of the Isle of Harris to pursue his passion in photographing the stunning interplay of light and land unique to the Outer Hebrides. Quickly making his name as a truly gifted landscape photographer, David Fleet has recently launched a new collection of magnificent images taken straight from the windswept rocks and pristine beaches of the Isle. For more information, visit http://www.davidfleetphotography.com