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Thread to Thread, Cloth to Cloth: Choosing the Comfy Cozy Blankets to Have That Sound Sleep


Silkeborg, Midtjylland -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/03/2014 -- Blankets should give that warmth and comfort

For a person to have a sound sleep, it is advised by experts to follow the Goldilocks rule, not too cold, not to hot but just right. "People seem to sleep best at temperatures between 62 and 70 degrees F," Alice Hoagland, PhD said, director of Insomnia Services at the Unity Sleep Disorders Center in Rochester, N.Y. When the room temperature drops too low, it can disturb one’s slumber. A good blanket keeps the body warm and helps chase the chills away.

Extreme heat can disrupt one’s sleep as well. "Core body temperature typically drops during the first four hours of sleep," Dr. Hoagland stated. This decline help in the body temperature help one to fall asleep, and stay this asleep. Anything that interferes with this can disturb the person’s slumber.

A light to medium-warmth in a 60-something setting on the room thermostat can help a person doze off in tranquility. It is not advised to have ultra warm blankets not unless the temperature is extremely low.

Blankets should be free from allergens

"A blanket should be non-allergenic for sensitive folks," says Tracey Marks, MD, an Atlanta psychiatrist and author of Master Your Sleep. Dust mites, a common allergen that triggers asthma, thrive in blankets and other bedding. When these allergens start out one’s symptoms, wheezing and sneezing may keep a person up all night.

If a person is prone to allergies, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend avoiding down-filled comforters. It is advised to wash the blankets and other bedding in a hot, preferably 130 degrees F, and dry in a hot dryer to kill the dust mites.

Blankets that ease one’s stress

"In psychiatric care, weighted blankets are one of our most powerful tools for helping people who are anxious, upset, and possibly on the verge of losing control," Karen Moore said, OTR/L, an occupational therapist in Franconia, N.H. These are special type of blankets that are packed with weighted pellets that are sewn into sections to keep them well distributed. Often times, this type of blanket are marketed generally as an aid to sleep and relaxation.

"These blankets work by providing input to the deep pressure touch receptors throughout the body," Moore says. "Deep pressure touch helps the body relax. Like a firm hug, weighted blankets help us feel secure, grounded, and safe." Moore says this is the reason many people like to sleep under a comforter even in summer.

Blankets that gives that feeling of security

Toddlers are not just the ones that have security blankets. "Adults can also have serious preferences for a particular blanket," Dr. Hoagland. "Regularly using a favorite blanket for sleep can help to develop a conditioned response so that sleep onset is quicker." As a matter of fact a lot of sleep centers ask patients to carry with them their own pillow and blanket, this helps them fall into slumber more easily.

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